1.30-2.1: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | get Autumn from daycare | coloring with Autumn | dinner | bath | Price puts Autumn to bed | Pizza Hut take out | Grimm | bed

150202_weekend recap-1


up early | grocery shopping at Market Basket | Autumn naps, Price shovels, up pack groceries | make breakfast | Price at work to make up time (snow day!) | leftover pizza for lunch | make biscottis & 7 layer bars | Price gets home | dinner | work | talk to dad | bed

150202_weekend recap-2

150202_weekend recap-3 150202_weekend recap-4

150202_weekend recap-5 150202_weekend recap-6

150202_weekend recap-7 150202_weekend recap-8

150202_weekend recap-9

150202_weekend recap-10 150202_weekend recap-11

150202_weekend recap-12

150202_weekend recap-13 150202_weekend recap-14


up at 6am | bottle and breakfast | make Paleo Coconut Waffles | clean up | Price shoveling the walkway | Autumn naps | brunch with Boston Brunchers | work for a few hours to make up time (snow day!) | Autumn has a bath then dinner | make Price wings | Super Bowl (boo!) | make cookies | bed

150202_weekend recap-15 150202_weekend recap-16

150202_weekend recap-17

150202_weekend recap-18 150202_weekend recap-19

150202_weekend recap-20


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