2.6-8 Weekend Recap


home from Miami | put Autumn to bed | catch up with Price | make dinner- fish with veggies | Grimm | blogging | bed

150211_snow long weekend-1


up early | breakfast | cleaning around the house | morning nap for Autumn | go to my office to get Amazon stuff & rug | Trader Joe’s | home | Autumn naps | make lunch- taco salad | Price shovels & cleaned up | cartoon time | dinner- stir fry | Autumn has a batch and goes to bed | puppy cuddles | DVR catch up | bed

150211_snow long weekend-2

150211_snow long weekend-3 150211_snow long weekend-4

150211_snow long weekend-5

150211_snow long weekend-6 150211_snow long weekend-7

150211_snow long weekend-8 150211_snow long weekend-9

150211_snow long weekend-10

150211_snow long weekend-11 150211_snow long weekend-12


get up early | breakfast | dog park @ Peter’s Park | drop Price off at work | home | Autumn naps | lunch- stir fry | made blog recipe | Autumn naps | photo editing | made dinner for Autumn |  Price came home from work after 6 | Autumn to bed Price shovels | dinner- burger with pineapple & sweet potato fries | Grammy’s | bed

150211_snow long weekend-13 150211_snow long weekend-14

150211_snow long weekend-15 150211_snow long weekend-16

150211_snow long weekend-17


Up early | No work- snow day for both of us | breakfast- eggs with veggie hash | Price snowblows | lunch | play with Autumn | laundry | more snow clean up | make dinner for Autumn | give Autumn a bath | clean up clothes in Autumn’s room | Autumn to bed | Blue Apron for dinner | watch the Bachelor | bed

150211_snow long weekend-18

150211_snow long weekend-19

150211_snow long weekend-21 150211_snow long weekend-22

150211_snow long weekend-23 150211_snow long weekend-24

150211_snow long weekend-25 150211_snow long weekend-26

150211_snow long weekend-27


up early  | blogging | no work- snow day | make quiche with Autumn | make breakfast | Price snowblows | Autumn naps | 10am conference call | Price drives to work | take bath with Autumn | lunch | play with Autumn | Autumn naps | photo editing | make dinner for Autumn | Autumn to bed at 6.30 | Price gets home  after running errands | Price finally gets Autumn to bed | make dinner- modied Blue Apron meal | moving talk | laundry | bed at 10.30

150211_snow long weekend-28 150211_snow long weekend-29


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