2.20-22: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

go home early @ 12.30 to get sick Autumn | Autumn snuggles & cuddles | watch Scandal & Grey’s while Autumn sleeps in Baby K’tan for about 2 hours | Autumn has dinner | make dinner | Price gets home | Autumn gets a bath | Price goes to Evan’s for Poker | Autumn goes to bed by 7pm  | laundry | Triple D | blog posts | dishes | bed

150223_Weekend Recap_01 150223_Weekend Recap_02

150223_Weekend Recap_03

150223_Weekend Recap_04 150223_Weekend Recap_05


up at 6.30 | make breakfast- yummy homemade bacon! | Autumn has her morning nap | clean kitchen | make chicken soup | lunch- soup | go to work | Autumn takes 2 hour nap for Price | leave work at 5.25| go to Stop &Shop | home | Price gives Autumn a bath | go to bed | make dinner | watch DVR’d shows | bed

150223_Weekend Recap_06

150223_Weekend Recap_07 150223_Weekend Recap_08

150223_Weekend Recap_09 150223_Weekend Recap_10

150223_Weekend Recap_11


up early | breakfast | claneing | make marinara sauce | slow cooker carnitas | Autumn takes her morning nap | go shopping Costco and Target | Price did a lot of cleaning while we were gone | back home | make buffalo wings & tenders | watch Daytona | Autumn has a nap | playing around | Autumn has dinner & a bath  | dinner | blogging | Oscars | go to bed

150223_Weekend Recap_12

150223_Weekend Recap_13 150223_Weekend Recap_14

150223_Weekend Recap_15 150223_Weekend Recap_16

150223_Weekend Recap_17 150223_Weekend Recap_18 150223_Weekend Recap_19

150223_Weekend Recap_20 150223_Weekend Recap_21

150223_Weekend Recap_22 150223_Weekend Recap_23


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