2.27-3.1: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | Autumn has dinner | Autumn to bed | Price gets home | Price gets stroller | make dinner | Price gets home | dinner | OITNB | blogging | bed


up early | Autumn has breakfast | make Breakfast- hash, sausage, eggs | Autumn has morning nap | go to the Post office | COSTCO | Michael’s | Price cleans | coloring with Autumn | start roast chicken | Autumn has dinner, a bath and then goes to bed | dinner- roast chicken, roasted veggies, green beans | blog work | OITNB | bed late


up at 6am | Autumn has bottle | go to Market Basket | Autumn has breakfast | Price prints wedding invite labels | Autumn naps | sweet potato waffles | Price gets home | foldng clothes | NASCAR | Autumn naps | make Price chicken wings | play with Autumn- do puzzles | dinner- steak and salad | Autumn gets bath | Price does dishes | Autumn gets her bottle and goes to bed | label wedding invites | budget review | blog edits | bed



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