4.3-5: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work early- Autumn not feeling well | get Autumn at 3.30 | Price put Autumn to sleep at 6.30 | talk to dad | dinner | work- issue Bulletin  | watch DVR’d Grimm | bed

140406_Weekend Recap-1

140406_Weekend Recap-2 140406_Weekend Recap-3

140406_Weekend Recap-4


up ‘late’ at 7am | breakfast | Price worked on the dryer vent | Autumn naps | kitchen clean up | walked with Autumn to the Post Office & Salvation Army (Pyrex!!) | lunch | more dryer vent work | Autumn naps | dye Easter eggs | vent done! | dinner | go to Market Basket | work & do time sheet | shower | go to bed

140406_Weekend Recap-5

140406_Weekend Recap-6 140406_Weekend Recap-7

140406_Weekend Recap-8

140406_Weekend Recap-9 140406_Weekend Recap-10



up at 6am | prep brunch food- veggies, dip, buffalo wings | go to Catherine & Ed’s for Easter brunch | home by 3pm | play and read mini books with Autumn | put away clothes | prep breakfast & lunch for Monday | Price gives Autumn a bath & puts her to bed | make dinner | watch DVR’d SNL | work | blogging | Man Men | bed

140406_Weekend Recap-11 140406_Weekend Recap-12

140406_Weekend Recap-13 140406_Weekend Recap-14

140406_Weekend Recap-15

140406_Weekend Recap-16


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