6.26-28: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work early  | home | take Kemper out | pick up Autumn | Ortho appointment at Boston Children’s Hospital = no more brace!!!!!!! | home | take Kemper for a walk | bottle, books, bed | salad for dinner | clean up kitchen & purge out fridge | trash | pack up cookbooks | birthday cake prep | start laundry | bed

150629_weekend recap_01 150629_weekend recap_02


up at 5.30 | bottle | walk with Kemper | banana nutella swirl muffin for breakfast | play time | Autumn naps | make ‘watermelon’ cake | lunch | drop off cake at SkyZone | Autumn naps 3-4.30 | make Homemade Sandwich Bread & Chocolate Chip Banana Cornbread Mini Loaves | pick up Natalie at hotel | hang out & catch up | Autumn eats peanut butter for dinner | drop off Natalie | Autumn goes to bed @ 7pm | dinner – leftover pizza | bake bread | lounge around and watch TV | bed by 10

150629_weekend recap_03 150629_weekend recap_04 150629_weekend recap_05

150629_weekend recap_06 150629_weekend recap_07 150629_weekend recap_08

150629_weekend recap_09


up at 5.30am | Sesame Street and news | french toast for breakfast (using sandwich bread!) | laundry | Autumn has long morning nap | play with bunny | go to Bath & Body Works, Babies R Us, Target, Costco | lunch at Texas Road House | Autumn has long afternoon nap | shopping at TJ Max, Home Goods | dinner – leftovers for me, yogurt for Autumn | bath and then Autumn goes to bed | put away loads of clothes | Price gets home | weekend catch up | unpack car | watch TV | call mom | go to bed

150629_weekend recap_10 150629_weekend recap_11

150629_weekend recap_12

150629_weekend recap_13 150629_weekend recap_14

150629_weekend recap_15 150629_weekend recap_16

150629_weekend recap_17


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