7.10-12: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home | get Autumn from daycare- didn’t want to leave! | make strawberry watermelon margaritas | Autumn has dinner, bath, goes to bed | dinner: burgers, corn, sauteed kale | watch (part of) Tammy, baseball,  Triple D | bed

150713_weekend recap_01

150713_weekend recap_02


up at 5.30 | Autumn eats 2 eggs for breakfast | make peanut butter and jelly puffles | go to haymarket @ 8am | Price took Frank to get flat tire fixed & inspected | Autumn has morning naps | freeze strawberries- 6 pounds! | meet Price at Toyota to drop off Indy to fix AC | home | lunch: hot dog | Autumn played in the pool, then refuses to nap | Price went to Home Depot for the saw | cut down ugly bushes | Autumn has tomatoes and dumplings for dinner, has bath, & goes to bed | liquor store, grocery, Taco Bell | watch NASCAR | bed

150713_weekend recap_03 150713_weekend recap_04

150713_weekend recap_05 150713_weekend recap_06 150713_weekend recap_07

150713_weekend recap_08 150713_weekend recap_09

150713_weekend recap_10


up at 5.30 | Autumn has breakfast- cottage cheese, fruit | pick up Indy at Toyota | shopping at Target | Autumn naps in the car | Croque Madame Puffles | shopping at  Costco, Price goes to Home Depot | play in the pool with Autumn while Price does yard work | Autumn naps | food prep: a dozen hard boiled oven eggs, salads for lunch, cut up veggies, dinner | Price gets Autumn up, goes to Home Depot for garden trash bags | dinner: BBQ chicken, corn, grilled asparagus & broccoli | Autumn has hard boiled eggs for dinner | make cookies with Autumn | Price gave Autumn a bath & put her to bed | dishes | make plum & blueberry cobbler | take Kemper on walk | finish Tammy | showers | fold clothes | bed

 150713_weekend recap_11 150713_weekend recap_12

150713_weekend recap_13

150713_weekend recap_14 150713_weekend recap_15

150713_weekend recap_16 150713_weekend recap_17

150713_weekend recap_18 150713_weekend recap_19

150713_weekend recap_20


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