7.17-19: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Price got Autumn from daycare- did normal routine of dinner, bath, bed | work until 7pm | DATE NIGHT!!!!! | dinner at Hard Rock Cafe | walk on Rose Kennedy Greenway | walk back to the car | home | give Jaden a ride home | relax | bed

150720_weekend recap_01 150720_weekend recap_02

150720_weekend recap_03 150720_weekend recap_04

150720_weekend recap_05

150720_weekend recap_06


up at 5.10am | Sesame Street & bottle | Autumn has breakfast- yogurt & egg | play, read, clean Autumn’s room | Price does dishes | showers while Autumn naps 9- 10 | Price doesn’t feel well | shopping with Autumn at Gymboree, lunch at Wagamama, get face painted, Target | Autumn fights napping, naps late 3.45-4.45 | hang out, play time, finish cleaning room | Autumn has dinner, goes to bed late | dinner – pasta with fresh tomato sauce | organize 24M – 4T clothes | make breakfast casserole | blog updates | bed @ 11

150720_weekend recap_07 150720_weekend recap_08

150720_weekend recap_09 150720_weekend recap_10

150720_weekend recap_11 150720_weekend recap_12

150720_weekend recap_13


up at 5.30 | lounge around | breakfast casserole | Autumn naps 8.45- 9.45 | clean up first floor, clean out hutch | shopping at Dollar Tree & Trader Joe’s | home | Price digs out the stumps!! | pool time with Autumn | lunch – Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwiches | Autumn naps 2.45-4 | blog stuffs | Gloria & Efrain pick up the hutch | watch NASCAR race | go to Revere Beach & Kel’s Kreme for ice cream dinner (National Ice Cream Day!!) | Autumn gets bath then fights sleep 6.30-8.00 | Whole30 food prep | relax | bed

150720_weekend recap_14

150720_weekend recap_15 150720_weekend recap_16

150720_weekend recap_17

150720_weekend recap_18 150720_weekend recap_19

150720_weekend recap_20 150720_weekend recap_21 150720_weekend recap_22


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