7.31-8.2: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

missed bus, home later than usual | walk Kemper | get Autumn from daycare at 5 | Autumn plays with water tub, dinner, bed by 6.20 | news | dinner with Price | Price goes to poker at Evan’s | finish reading The Boston Girl | basement clean up, packing | Price home from poker at 10.30 | Triple D | bed

150803_weekend recap_01


up early | Autumn has breakfast | RMV  for Chelsea resident discount @ 8am | park at Price’s office, go to Boston Public Market, play around in the fountains, shopping at the  Saturday Market | Autumn naps | get mani/pedi, shopping at Market Basket | Autumn has dinner, bath, goes to bed | dinner- mussels | big kitchen clean up| blogging | bed at 11

150803_weekend recap_02 150803_weekend recap_03

150803_weekend recap_04

150803_weekend recap_05 150803_weekend recap_06

150803_weekend recap_07

150803_weekend recap_08 150803_weekend recap_09


Price up at Autumn at 6.05 | wake up at 6.50 | breakfast: make Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes | Price and Autumn go to Home Depot for flowers | make S’mores Banana Bread | Autumn naps | make S’mores Rice Krispie Treats | Price cleans, mows, and works on caulking around door | go to Container Store, Barnes and Noble, Gap Kids, Gymboree, Children’s Place | Autumn naps | get hair cut, go to Stop & Shop, Market Basket | dinner – burgers | Autumn has bath & Price goes to Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, Target | photograph recipes | clean downstairs bathroom & kitchen | prep chicken for dinner party | showers | bed

150803_weekend recap_10

150803_weekend recap_11 150803_weekend recap_12


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