8.7-9: Weekend Recap


home from work | prep dinner | get Autumn from daycare | Autumn makes pizza | dinner, bath, bottle bed, by 6.20 | make our pizza dinner | 3.85 miles with Kellie | relax, blog, watch TV bed by 10.30

150810_weekend recap_01

150810_weekend recap_02 150810_weekend recap_03


Autumn up in middle of the night | neighbor’s stupid car alarm going off for hours

Autumn up at 5.30 with Price | up at 7am | Taco Bell breakfast | 9am ferry to Provincetown | arrive at 10.30 | walk around, window shopping | Autumn naps in the stroller | lunch | more walking around | 4pm ferry back to Boston | home at 6pm | Autumn to bed at 6.30 | make ice cream base & cookie dough for S’mores Week | relax, watch TV | go to bed early

150810_weekend recap_04

150810_weekend recap_05

150810_weekend recap_06

150810_weekend recap_07 150810_weekend recap_08

150810_weekend recap_09

150810_weekend recap_10 150810_weekend recap_11

150810_weekend recap_12

150810_weekend recap_13


up early | make veggie, egg white breakfast quesadillas | Autumn has her morning nap | showers | Price and Autumn go to Kohl’s, Target, Home Depot | make ice cream | go to work | Price and Autumn have lunch at home, Autumn naps | home, give Autumn bath & put her to bed | dinner – steak, fries, peas | work week prep | bed

150810_weekend recap_14

150810_weekend recap_15 150810_weekend recap_16 150810_weekend recap_17

150810_weekend recap_18


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