Our Wedding: Pictures- Getting Ready

Taggart Wedding 2015

I can’t say enough about how much I love the photos from our wedding!!!!

We love the attention that we received, the thought and care that went into getting our photos, and the end result. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE

Lefebvre Photo did an incredible job. I can’t rave enough about owner Danielle Leberve and Rachel Girouard. Both are so wonderful and talented.

Taggart Wedding 2015-6 Taggart Wedding 2015-5

Danielle came over to hang with me at our venue, Crissy Farm, while I got ready with my sister and best friend. My sister, Kristen, was my Matron of Honor and my best friend, Emily, was my Bridesmaid. It was nice and laid back and we took our time getting ready.

Taggart Wedding 2015-11

Taggart Wedding 2015-3 Taggart Wedding 2015-2

Taggart Wedding 2015-4

Typical me… writing my vows are the very last minute.

And typical Price, he wrote his weeks prior, and practiced them over and over again as he memorized them.

Taggart Wedding 2015-12 Taggart Wedding 2015-15

Taggart Wedding 2015-13

My hair and make-up was done by a friend and former co-worker who in a previous career used to own a salon. She is just awesome, plus amazing at doing hair. We did a previous run through a few weeks prior quickly when we tested out a few options for my up-do. She took her time this time and the end result was exactly what I envisioned and more.

Taggart Wedding 2015-16 Taggart Wedding 2015-14

Taggart Wedding 2015-7

While we were getting ready at Crissey Farm, Rachel was at our hotel room with Price as he got ready with this brother/best man, Chase, and best friend/groomsman, Chris.

Taggart Wedding 2015-9 Taggart Wedding 2015-10

Taggart Wedding 2015-8

Taggart Wedding 2015-1

Before I knew it was time to get dressed and then go downstairs to do our first look pictures.

Taggart Wedding 2015-19 Taggart Wedding 2015-20

Taggart Wedding 2015-21

I loved my dress so much!

Taggart Wedding 2015-17 Taggart Wedding 2015-18

Taggart Wedding 2015-22

Taggart Wedding 2015-24

The guys arrived a bit before we were ready and ended up taking some funny pose pictures. Goofs!!


I’ll be sharing more wedding photos in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Our Wedding: Pictures- Getting Ready

  1. price taggart says:

    This is a great chronological montage of the pre wedding events. The photographers did a great job of getting important events along with funny moments 🙂


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