9.25-27: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | get Autumn from daycare | make cookies, mac & cheese | Autumn has a bath, goes to bed at 6.30 | Price gets home | lounge around | bed at 9.30

150928_weekend recap_01

150928_weekend recap_02 150928_weekend recap_03

150928_weekend recap_04


up early | watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing around |  Target, Stop & Shop shopping with Autumn | Price washes the electric blanket | kitchen clean up | Taco Bell  for lunch | go to work to work on fashion show stuff, budget re-do, time sheet, blogging | Market Basket for forgotten stuff | Autumn goes to bed | make dinner- pork tenderloin, rice-a-roni, brussel sprouts go to bed  bed early | Price goes to bed at 11

150928_weekend recap_05 150928_weekend recap_06

150928_weekend recap_07 150928_weekend recap_08


up early | make pumpkin waffles | shopping at Michael’s, Old Navy, Target | Price mows lawn, gets clothes bins from storage | Autumn had Pizza Hut for lunch | nap time 12.45- 2.30 | make pumpkin banana bread | go to the beach with Autumn and Kemper | Price plants flowers, does dishes, showers | Autumn goes to bed- doesn’t sleep well for a few hours | dinner- waffle fries quick nachos | watch football, NASCAR race | shower | blog posts | make cookies | go to bed late at 12.45 – loved checking out the moon!

150928_weekend recap_09 150928_weekend recap_10

150928_weekend recap_11 150928_weekend recap_12 150928_weekend recap_13

150928_weekend recap_14

150928_weekend recap_15 150928_weekend recap_16

150928_weekend recap_17


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