10.2-4: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home from work | Autumn makes pizza for dinner, plays around, bed by 6.30 | make pizza for dinner | lounge around, clean up, watch TV | Bed early at 9 while Price talks to Comcast about service

151005_weekend recap_01 151005_weekend recap_02


Autumn didn’t sleep well- in bed with us | up early | Price gets Taco Bell and coffees for breakfast with Autumn | lots of laundry sorting | take Autumn to Target, Skyzone while Price cleans the bedrooms | Autumn has mac and cheese for lunch | takes nap sausage, roasted brocolli, & quinoa for lunch | mini nap- mail person woke us up! | play around & read books with Autumn | Autumn has dinner, Price puts Autumn to bed | drive into work for laptop | cheese and crackers for dinner | go to bed early

151005_weekend recap_03 151005_weekend recap_04

151005_weekend recap_05

151005_weekend recap_06 151005_weekend recap_07

151005_weekend recap_08


Up early | make Mickey Mouse Pancakes for Autumn | make cookies | get ready | meet Chris, Danika, Cora at New England Aquarium | brunch at Ganery Tavern | Autumn & Price nap, make Monster Cupcakes | go on a family walk | Autumn has soup for dinner, bath, goes to bed | lounge around watching NASCAR & backing up photos | Halloween Burger and Spicy Chicken Sandwich | watch shows & do blog stuffs | bed | Price watched “Fear the Walking Dead” then went to bed

151005_weekend recap_09

151005_weekend recap_10 151005_weekend recap_11

151005_weekend recap_12 151005_weekend recap_13 151005_weekend recap_14

151005_weekend recap_15


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