10.16-18: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Get Autumn from Daycare | Price gets home | Garlic Noodles for dinner | Price does dishes and laundry | Long conversation with Mom | Bed by 10:30pm

151019_weekend recap_01 151019_weekend recap_02


Price gets Autumn at 5:30am | Up at 6:30 for coffee | Lot of baby clothes to be sorted | Western omelette for breakfast | Get ready for Head of the Charles | Stop by Comcast store (total bust!) | Head of the Charles | Tasty Burger for lunch | Harvard Square shopping | Sweet Cupcakes for dessert | Head home | Price takes Autumn to Home Depot and Stop and Shop | Autumn goes to bed | Start to pack the basement

151019_weekend recap_03 151019_weekend recap_05

151019_weekend recap_04

151019_weekend recap_06 151019_weekend recap_07

151019_weekend recap_08

151019_weekend recap_09 151019_weekend recap_10

151019_weekend recap_11 151019_weekend recap_12

151019_weekend recap_13


up early | laundry, put away clothes | sonic for breakfast | visit Catherine and Ed, get apples | home | walk with Kemper and Autumn | Price hooks up new cable box | Autumn paints turkey | go to Stop and Shop with Autumn | dinner, Autumn has bath, and goes to bed | make dinner | watch NASCAR, football | food prep, make apple cider donut bread pudding | blogging | bed

151019_weekend recap_14 151019_weekend recap_15

151019_weekend recap_16 151019_weekend recap_17

151019_weekend recap_18 151019_weekend recap_19

151019_weekend recap_20 151019_weekend recap_21


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