10.30-11.1: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Get Autumn from daycare | Atumn has dinner, Price puts Autumn down | TJ pizza and homemade salsa for dinner | Grimm | Work on Fashion Show Wig hair | Bed by 10:30pm

151102_weekend recap_01



Up early with Autumn | Watch Mickey with Autumn | Get ready & put on costumes | Get to Salem, MA | Breakfast at The Ugly Mug Diner | Walk around Salem to enjoy the sites before the craziness | Go to Children’s Day at Salem Common | Head home around 11:15 am | Autumn sleeps the whole car ride home | Dumplings for lunch | Make Apple Crisp | Carve pumpkins | Make Flax Seed Brand Bread | Take Autumn out Trick or Treating while Price hands out candy  Autumn goes to bed by 6pm | eat Apple Crisp for dinner | watch DVR’d shows | Price goes to bed | finish blog post | bed by 11pm

151102_weekend recap_02 151102_weekend recap_03

151102_weekend recap_04 151102_weekend recap_05

151102_weekend recap_06

151102_weekend recap_07

151102_weekend recap_08 151102_weekend recap_09

151102_weekend recap_10 151102_weekend recap_11

151102_weekend recap_12


Up at 4.15am with Autumn (Stupid Daylight Savings time) | Watch mickey | Make smoothies with Autumn | Price goes to work for 6.30am | Make apple sause bread and muffins | Take Autumn to Target to get Halloween things on sale but NO sale! Boo!! | home | make blanket fort for Autumn | make broccoli cheddar soup Price comes home at noon | Go to work to work on Fashion show wigs and do work | shopping at Costco and Micheal’s | Rotisserie chicken, acorn squash, and green beans for dinner | Watch the DVR’d NASCAR race | Quick kitchen clean up, laundry | work on Wig hair for Fashion Show | Thank you cards | watch TV | blogging | bed

151102_weekend recap_13

151102_weekend recap_14 151102_weekend recap_15


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