11.21-23: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get Autumn from daycare | go to Chili’s for dinner to enjoy solo girls weekend with Price in NY | Autumn has a meltdown & we go home | Autumn goes to bed | eat dinner | lounge around & blog | Autumn is sick | Autumn sleeps with me

151123_weekend recap-1 151123_weekend recap-2

151123_weekend recap-3


up early | go to Boston Public Market for breakfast and Haymarket for produce | walk way is getting repaired at home | nap with Autumn | make pizza dough | to to Target | Kellie comes over for homemade pizza and to hang out |  Autumn doesn’t feel well | Autumn sleeps with me again

151123_weekend recap-4

151123_weekend recap-5

151123_weekend recap-6 151123_weekend recap-7

151123_weekend recap-8 151123_weekend recap-9

151123_weekend recap-10 151123_weekend recap-11


up early | lounge day with Autumn, lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | Price gets home from NY visit with ‘pie safe’! | early Thanksgiving | Autumn goes to bed | relax and prep for the week | lots of dishes | go to bed

151123_weekend recap-12 151123_weekend recap-13

151123_weekend recap-14

151123_weekend recap-15 151123_weekend recap-16


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