11.25:29- Thanksgiving Long Weekend Recap

{Wednesday Night}

treated myself to lunch at Saus | Price got Autumn from daycare | work ‘late’ at work to 5.30 | Boston Public Market | Price & Autumn go to Petsmart & Babies R Us | leftovers for dinner | Autumn goes down | Price went to the grocery store | bed by 10:30pm

151130_weekend recap-1

151130_weekend recap-2

151130_weekend recap-3



up early with Autumn | go back to bed 6.30 – 9am | watch parade | eggs benedict fail | take Autumn to the beach for a walk | partially watch Dog Show  | watch football | leftovers for snack | order chinese food for dinner | Price puts Autumn down while I pick up the take out order | relax and eat dinner | watch DVR’d shows | go to bed

151130_weekend recap-4

151130_weekend recap-5

151130_weekend recap-6 151130_weekend recap-7

151130_weekend recap-8

151130_weekend recap-9 151130_weekend recap-10

151130_weekend recap-11


up early with Autumn | Price sleep in until 7:30 | leave for NH at 9:30 | at Catherine and Eds at 10:30 | hang out with family | make Woodbridge Harvest Punch | Autumn naps on the couch | Thanksgiving meal at 3pm, then dessert | pack up and drive home | get home at 7.00 | put Autumn to bed | watch DVR’d shows | go to bed early

151130_weekend recap-12

151130_weekend recap-13 151130_weekend recap-14

151130_weekend recap-15 151130_weekend recap-16

151130_weekend recap-17 151130_weekend recap-18

151130_weekend recap-20 151130_weekend recap-21

151130_weekend recap-19 151130_weekend recap-22


up early | cranky Autumn in the morning | take bath with Autumn | lunch | Autumn & I nap | decorate the tree | Autumn has soup and rice for dinner | solo shopping at Micheal’s and Target | Price puts Autumn down | Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner | watch You’ve got Mail & other DVR’d shows | blog work | bed

151130_weekend recap-23


up at 6.15am | watch Mickey with Autumn | make Eggs Benedict Waffles | do dishes and clean kitchen | start brownies | Autumn has lunch then naps | blog & edit photos, Price naps | grocery shopping with Autumn at Stop & Shop | finish brownies  | Price vacuums with Autumn upstairs | clean up kitchen yet again!!!! | Autumn has soup and rice for dinner | Autumn gets long bath, then Kemper gets bath | take 24 month old pictures | read books, fights going to bed until 7.30- ugh | steak and cheese baked potatoes | continue blog work | watch Walking Dead with Price | Price goes to bed | more blog work | finally go to bed at 12.15am

151130_weekend recap-24

151130_weekend recap-25 151130_weekend recap-26

151130_weekend recap-27 151130_weekend recap-28


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