12.23-28: Weekend Recap

{Wednesday Night}

get home from work | get Kemper | get Autumn from daycare | Price gets home from work | Autumn has dinner, bath, goes to bed | make dinner for us | lots of laundry | wrap presents | go to bed


Christmas Eve

up with Autumn | Price goes to work | lounge around in the morning | play at playground | lunch at KO Catering and Pies | Autumn naps in the car (so warm!) | kitchen clean up and packing | paint with Autumn | Autumn has dinner, bath, and goes to bed | pack up the car with presents and weekend stuff| open up presents with Price | go to bed

151229_weekend recap_01 151229_weekend recap_02 151229_weekend recap_03

151229_weekend recap_04 151229_weekend recap_05

151229_weekend recap_06



up early | finish packing up the car | drive to Skaneateles | open presents at Elaine’s | hang out | watch TV | dinner, Autumn goes to bed | hang around with family, watching movies and TV | go to bed early

151229_weekend recap_07


up early | breakfast at Cam’s | back to Elaine’s | get ready | go over to Chase and Heather’s  in the morning to the girls could play | lunch and then Autumn naps | hang family hang out at Chase and Heather’s for Christmas presents | Autumn goes to bed late | date night at The Krebs | hang at Jim and Keri’s | go to bed so late!

151229_weekend recap_08

151229_weekend recap_09 151229_weekend recap_10

151229_weekend recap_11

151229_weekend recap_12 151229_weekend recap_13

151229_weekend recap_14 151229_weekend recap_15


Price got up with Autumn really early and went to breakfast with his family while I slept in until 8.30!!!!!! | get up and get ready | Price and Autumn get home from the boy’s hockey practice | Kenzi and Chase come over so the girls can play | Autumn takes a long nap | get take out from Doug’s Fish Fry for early dinner | go to Jim and Keri’s to hang and watch football | back to Elaine’s, kids play | Autumn goes to bed | Irish Cream and warm apple fritters for dessert | watch TV & write blog posts | go to bed


up early | go to breakfast at Cam’s | pack up the car | get  leave Skaneateles | lunch at McDonald’s | get home at 3.30 | unpack the car | Kemper gets home | Autumn has dinner, bath, and goes to bed | lots of Kemper cuddles | showers | lots of laundry | go to bed

151229_weekend recap_16

151229_weekend recap_17 151229_weekend recap_18

151229_weekend recap_19

151229_weekend recap_20 151229_weekend recap_21


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