1.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Get Autumn from daycare | play, dinner, bath with Autumn | Price gets home | Autumn goes to bed | dinner: soup | watch Lipsync Battle | talk to mom | make popcorn | watch Undateable Live & New Girl | bed at 10.15

160111_weekend recap_01 160111_weekend recap_02

160111_weekend recap_03 160111_weekend recap_04


Autumn wakes up at 4am | make a double batch of Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Muffins for breakfast | Price has spinning at 8.30am | make breakfast tacos | go to Hip Hop Spin Class at 11.30am | shower at home | Autumn gets up from nap | lots of packing in the basement | go to dinner at Fuddruckers | Autumn goes to bed | lounge around | go to bed at 10

160111_weekend recap_05 160111_weekend recap_06

160111_weekend recap_07 160111_weekend recap_08

160111_weekend recap_09 160111_weekend recap_10

160111_weekend recap_11 160111_weekend recap_12


 Price gets up with Autumn | get up 8am | Price goes to Home Depot | pack Autumn’s summer clothes for moving | brunch at State Street Provisions with Kellie | shopping at Costco | Price returns ladder at HD | get Autumn up at 4 from a long nap | play around with play-doh | Autumn has chicken drumsticks for dinner | Price puts Autumn down | go to Stop and Shop | set up slow cooker pork roast, roast chicken thighs, & make brussel sprout salad | watch the Golden Globes | go to bed

160111_weekend recap_13

160111_weekend recap_14 160111_weekend recap_15

160111_weekend recap_16 160111_weekend recap_17


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