1.29-31: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get package on the way home | take Kemper out | get Autumn from daycare | Price gets home from work | house clean up | Price puts Autumn down | Kellie comes over | Pick up Brinkley!!! | go to PetSmart | hang out with Kellie, make nachos, &  watch some TV | Kellie goes homes | get the dogs settled | go to bed by 10.30

160201_weekend recap_21 160201_weekend recap_22

160201_weekend recap_01 160201_weekend recap_02


Price gets up with Autumn at 5.30 | get up at 6.30 | Price goes to 8.30 spin class and to the post office | make  breakfast | play around & watch The Kitchen | make banana bread with Autumn | kitchen clean up |Autumn has lunch then naps starting from 12.30 | watch DVR’d Undateable Live | shower | watch Grimm & do blog stuff | doggy naps | Autumn gets up at 3.15 | Price leaves with Autumn and dogs | meet potential buyer | mac and cheese for Autumn’s dinner | bath time and then bed time | watch DVR’d shows | take out dinner from Fusion Food | watch DVR’d shows | bed

160201_weekend recap_03 160201_weekend recap_04

160201_weekend recap_23

160201_weekend recap_24 160201_weekend recap_25

160201_weekend recap_26

160201_weekend recap_05 160201_weekend recap_06

160201_weekend recap_07 160201_weekend recap_08

160201_weekend recap_10 160201_weekend recap_11

160201_weekend recap_12 160201_weekend recap_13

160201_weekend recap_27


get up with Autumn at 5am | lots of FB /blog stuffs | Price up at 6.45 | make breakfast bowls | go to Trader Joe’s, Costco, then Stop and Shop with Autumn | Price breaks down Autumn’s crib | Autumn takes nap (in Breeze) | make 3 recipes for the blog | house clean up | Autumn has dinner | Price goes out to wash car, run errands | Autumn has bath, paint nails, and goes to bed | start to load up Indy with stuff to go to FL | watch DVR’d shows and Grease Live! | take dogs out again | bed

160201_weekend recap_14 160201_weekend recap_15

160201_weekend recap_16

160201_weekend recap_17 160201_weekend recap_18

160201_weekend recap_19 160201_weekend recap_20


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