4.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave orientation in DC | Uber to the airport | Welcome Kevin Home! (ha!) | fly home | get car at Nichole’s house | get home | relax | go to bed

160411_weekend recap_01

160411_weekend recap_02 160411_weekend recap_03


up early with Autumn | Price makes breakfast | pack up the car for the beach | leave by 8.30am | drive to the beach to meet Chase, Heather, and the kids | play around at the beach until 11.30 | go to lunch at Sharky’s on The Pier | get diapers for Autumn | drive home (Autumn doesn’t take a nap 😦 ) | take the dogs on a walk | quick dinner | Autumn goes to bed | showers | hang out and go to bed

160411_weekend recap_04


up early with Autumn | go food shopping at Winn Dixie with Autumn, visit the farmer’s market, and go shopping at Wee Consignment | unload the groceries and organize the kitchen | lunch | Autumn has her nap | make Easter Pie with Dad | make chocolate chip cookies with Autumn | family dinner of roasted veggies and kielbasa | Price gives Autumn a bath | Autumn goes to bed | take the dogs out with Dad | house design work and budgeting | relaxing while watching DVR’d TV (OJ!) | go to bed

160411_weekend recap_07

160411_weekend recap_08 160411_weekend recap_09

160411_weekend recap_10 160411_weekend recap_11


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