4.15-17: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home from work | dinner with Autumn | play outside until Price gets home | Autumn goes to bed | make Blue Apron for dinner | watch Grimm | work from home | go to bed

161418_weekend recap_01


Autumn is up really early | make Chorizo Hash with eggs for breakfast | laundry  & kitchen clean up | go to the pool | Autumn takes a nap | go to Lucaya Lakes to look at a house with Dad | go to Target and then Costco | home | dinner- rotisserie chicken and salad | Autumn goes to bed | review house plans | watch TV | go to bed

161418_weekend recap_02

161418_weekend recap_03 161418_weekend recap_04

161418_weekend recap_05 161418_weekend recap_06

161418_weekend recap_07


 Autumn got up early | go to the grocery store | Sonic burritos | Autumn naps | got to Lucaya Lake to see house again | Dad takes Autumn to the beach | get BBQ from Fat Head BBQ stand | meet Dad at the beach | prep for whole30 : make pulled pork carnitas, hard boiled eggs, fritata snacks and junk for dinner | make chocolate babka bread | go to bed

161418_weekend recap_08 161418_weekend recap_09

161418_weekend recap_10

161418_weekend recap_11 161418_weekend recap_12

161418_weekend recap_13 161418_weekend recap_14

161418_weekend recap_15


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