6.17-19: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

The Big G Bonus Day celebration at Topgolf

160620_weekend recap-01 160620_weekend recap-02


up early with Autumn | make pancakes for breakfast | Price runs errands | make a double batch of pizza dough | go to the library then Sonic for lunch with Autumn | Price makes roast chicken and then chicken salad | Autumn naps | folding lots of laundry | Nichole and Josh drop Sophia off for the sleep over | the girls play around | Price goes to Winn Dixie for pizza toppings | make pizzas for dinner | the girls take a ‘Big Tubby’ | read books and go to bed (late!) | hang out | kitchen clean up | go to bed | Autumn gets up a bunch, sleep with the girls in the bed

160620_weekend recap-03 160620_weekend recap-04

160620_weekend recap-05 160620_weekend recap-06

160620_weekend recap-07

160620_weekend recap-08

160620_weekend recap-09 160620_weekend recap-10

160620_weekend recap-11


‘sleep in’ until 6.40 (ha!) | make waffles | Price does a lot of random clean up | get ready to go to the pool | meet nichole and joash at the pool | Price comes to the pool | play around for a while then go home| Autumn has lunch then takes a long nap (almost 3 hours!) | go to the grocery store | lots of food prep for the week | make dinner | Autumn has a tubby and then Price puts her down | more baking | watch the NBA finals | go to bed

160620_weekend recap-12

160620_weekend recap-13 160620_weekend recap-14

160620_weekend recap-15 160620_weekend recap-16

160620_weekend recap-17 160620_weekend recap-18

160620_weekend recap-19 160620_weekend recap-20

160620_weekend recap-21 160620_weekend recap-22

160620_weekend recap-23 160620_weekend recap-24

160620_weekend recap-25

160620_weekend recap-26 160620_weekend recap-27

160620_weekend recap-28 160620_weekend recap-29

160620_weekend recap-30


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