8.19-21: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home later than normal | Price gets home | Dad goes to Build a Burger monthly event for dinner | Autumn goes to bed | get pizza | watch Olympics | go to bed

160822_weekend recap_01 160822_weekend recap_02


Price gets up and takes out the dogs | up with Autumn at 6.15 | Price gets ready to go fishing | Dad and Price goes fishing | clean the kitchen, fold laundry, play with Autumn, take a long walk with the dogs- during the morning | Autumn has lunch and then takes a nap | blog stuff | Price and Dad get home with fish for dinner | Autumn gets up from her nap | go to The Beach even with Dad and Autumn=- sold out | go to Ikea | meet Price at the lot | home | fish for dinner | Dad goes to luau party | Autumn goes to bed | watch Olympics | bed

160822_weekend recap_03 160822_weekend recap_04

160822_weekend recap_05 160822_weekend recap_06

160822_weekend recap_07

160822_weekend recap_08 160822_weekend recap_09

160822_weekend recap_10 160822_weekend recap_11

160822_weekend recap_12 160822_weekend recap_13

160822_weekend recap_14


up early with Autumn | take the dogs for a walk | Price starts pulled pork in the slow cooker | grocery shopping | lunch | nap with Autumn | get a mani/pedi with Autumn | quick stop at Publix | home for dinner- pulled pork with cole slaw | make cupcakes with Autumn for Dad’s birthday | make apple pie | work on Ebook | talk to mom | bed

160822_weekend recap_15

160822_weekend recap_16 160822_weekend recap_17

160822_weekend recap_18 160822_weekend recap_19

160822_weekend recap_20 160822_weekend recap_21

160822_weekend recap_22


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