9.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work | stop by the house to check out progress | home | walk with the dogs and Autumn | give Autumn a bath | Price gets home | Price puts Autumn to bed while I take the dogs on a walk | make dinner: Blue Apron Shrimp and Grits | watch Triple D  |watch The Intern | blog stuffs | bed


Price up with Auumn at 5.45 | get up at 6.40 | banana bread, coffee, and cartoons | Dad and Price go to get the boat ready | go to Winn Dixie | go on the boat | stop by the house- no work yet| lunch: Blue Apron Sloppy Joe’s | Autumn naps | blog stuff |  4 mile walk with the dogs | go to Winn Dixie (AGAIN!!!!) | food blogging prep | bed


up with Autumn | breakfast| go to the site | Dunk Donuts | make blog recipes | Autumn naps | make more blog recipes |go to the pool with Autumn | Autumn eats dinner at the pool – hot dog and fries | Giants game | go to the site again, talk with Renee| go to Winn Dixie | home | make salad for dinner- done by 8pm | watch 9/11 special | blogging and photo edits go to bed at 1am


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