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Mom. Bostonian. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Home cook. Scrapbooker. Sperry and Kate Spade addict. Never without my phone.

Black Bean Soup

I stayed up way too late watching the Democratic National Convention. The same thing could be said every night last week when I watched the Republican National Convention. I need to catch up on sleep soon. I just get sucked … Continue reading

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Our Tampa Staycation- July 2016

I think that you should occasionally practice being a tourist in you hometown. It’s so much fun to see where you live in a different way and get to enjoy it differently that you normally do. Sometimes you just forget how great … Continue reading

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Strawberry Margaritas with Homemade Strawberry Syrup

Big, huge news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the permit for our house!!!!!!!!! I can’t freaking wait to get started on building our house. I feel that this moment has taken forever to get to. We decided on the house in January ’15 … Continue reading

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15 minute Fish Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce

I don’t know if I rocked or utterly failed at being a parent this morning. I am going with the ROCKED IT approach. So it’s Summer Session Picture Day! I picked out Autumn’s outfit last night- super cute floral capris … Continue reading

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2 minute Chimichurri Sauce

There was the most amazing lightning storm all around us last night. Tampa is known as “The Lightning Capital of the World”. In reality it gets the most thunderstorms for North America. If the season was longer maybe it truly … Continue reading

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