My Whole30 journey

Whole30 is a dietary program that helps you detox your system and restart your eating style. For those 30 days you eliminate any and all sugar (sweeteners), dairy, gluten, soy. So that means no yogurt, soda, pizza, sandwiches, french fries and pasta. But it means you get to fulfill yourself with healthy fruit, veggies, and meats. Simple, great tasting, good for you foods.

In February 2015, Price and I did our first Whole30. Sure, it was tough, but we loved how we felt doing it and you couldn’t beat the amazing results. We were so excited to have taken on the challenge and accomplish it. Plus, it just felt so good to feel good!

We wanted to stay committed to healthy eating prior to our June wedding so we did Whole30 again in April of 2015. We continued to educate ourselves about healthy eating, feel even better, and continue to loose more weight. yay!

After the wedding we noticed that we were making poor food choices because we were making excuses… “It’s wedding week!” “We are so busy!” “We are traveling for the 4th of July!” “It’s Monday!” so we decided that we needed to get strict again! So we are about to take on our 3rd Whole30 this August 2015. So stay tuned for my recaps and the results!


Food Recaps

Whole30 10-12-10 150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_12150227_Whole30 16-18_9 150301_Whole30 19-21_05

Whole30 #1 – February 2015

Days 1 – 3Days 4 – 6

Days 7 – 9 | Days 10 – 12

Days 13 – 15 | Days 16 – 18

Days 19 – 21 | Days 22 – 24

Days 25 – 27 | Days 28 – 30

Whole30 2 Days 4-6-10 Whole30 2 Days 7-9-4

Whole30 #2 – April 2015

Days 1-3 |  Days 4-6

Days 7-9 |  Days 10-12

Days 13-15 | Days 16-18

Days 19-21Days 22-24

Days 25-27 | Days 28-30

Whole30_3_Day 6_Lunch Whole30_3_Day3_dinner_2

Whole30 #3ish – August 2015

Days 1-3 | Days 4-6

Days 7-end


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