Pack Rat

About 2 weeks ago I cleaned my desk at work. It was looking pretty impressive. But then I opened ped and then I felt horrible about myself. Why? It was a disaster!

I go from extremes- complete OCD about everything in a line, color coded, alphabetized to utter chaos. I was a kid who would write notes during class and then when I got home I would rewrite them in neat penmenship. And then I would file it in order in the class my color coded binder. This really did last until my 2nd year of college and then I realized I was losing sleep over having perfectly copied and organized notes. So now I go between neat and chaos.

-This is chaos-

Bag of trail mix
1 straw
2 chop sticks
1 glue stick
1 container of bobby pins
1 box of teeny tiny hair bands
40 or so push pins
1 packet each of Tylenol and Advil
Mini box of pennies and a nickel
Pink eraser
Handful of rubber bands
Tooth paste (no toothbrush)
Emory board
Compact mirror
2 packets of face wipes
Highlighters: 3 orange, 1 pink, 1 yellow
2 boxes of business cards, 1 new and 1 old (without correct font and red back)
Plastic cutlery: 3 spoons, 2 forks, 2 knives
Handful of napkins
A mania envelope, a business envelope
17 pay stubs
1 paper bowl that was in there to hold misc condiment packets* that failed miserably.
1 package of.5mm mechanical pencils, 1 package of eraser refills, 1 packet of .5 mm lead refills, 1 package of .7 mm lead refills (useless)
1 pages of 3 retractable erasers
Laminated phone list
3 take out menus
2  stacks of mini post its
42 packets of ketchup
8 mustard
10 mayo
1 hot sauce
1 grape jelly
2 creamy peanut butter
2 sugar, 1 truvia
3 pepper/4 salt



I took about 30 minutes to clean it out, do an inventory, return some things to our main supply closet, and reorganizing.

Why did I have 42 packets of ketchup?

1. I like ketchup

2. I would always grab ketchup from the cafeteria downstairs when I bought something, weather I needed it or not.

3. I like ketchup.

So, no, I was not going to throw it out. That is just wasteful. This just means I need to eat more egg white omelets and stop grabbing ketchup.


Neurosis #4

Our apartment is in a state of chaos right now. Nothing really wrong with it but we just 2 large folding tables out in our dining/living room area. 1 for Price’s models and 1 for my scrapbooking. Sure I have space in the office to scrapbook but it would mean I’m alone in that room for hours on end. So when you walk in your are greeted with tables of paper based stuff. Oh yeah, I can’t forget that our dining room table has my final model on there. Can’t wait until I have officially graduated so I can toss that sucker out.


So since I can’t really change the overall shiz going I decided to fix a small problem that has been bothering me for a while. My shoes have always ended up in a heap in a basket I bought a few years back. This often resulted in an overflowing basket or the “rediscovery” of shoes have they have been sifted to the bottom of the basket. So I decided to take some action and get some containers (big surprise there!) to organize my shoes.


So I put my in season shoes in containers under the telephone table and my out of season shoes in my closet. I think I need a few more shoes, but more importantly some help…..

Neurosis #1

Price cleaned the fridge last week and I felt it was worthy of some photographs.

Coming home to this was beyond exciting! It made me start to think how I could organize it even better with containers/baskets/bowls for our yogurts, butter (for all my baking), eggs, etc! The Container Store really is one of my favorite stores! If I had known this was happening I would have gotten a few before pictures so you would ‘understand’ (?) my excitement.



Ignore the debris on the floor… there was a long unnoticed leak which resulted in our LL cutting out part of a base cabinet that night.


ah still messy but better.

Up next…. I have to clean the top of the fridge off.