It’s not. But it can be.

I spent a fantastic long weekend with friends in Austin. When we were not drinking, stuffing our faces with queso, exploring Austin, or playing un-PC games we relaxed with the cats and puppy while watching TV shows and movies.

The Hunger Games – 2nd time watching it. Glad I rewatched it after reading the books. Can’t wait for the next movies

Contagion – Where is my hand sanitizer?!? And I really have to stop touching my face so effing much (nervous/bored habit)!!

And of course we marathoned 8 episodes of The Newsroom. I need to buy the last 2 episodes online or something as we don’t have HBO and I HAVE to watch the rest of the season ASAP!

I didn’t post this specific clip to get into the politics behind it (although I think it’s dead on). I posted it because it is so freaking amazing. Jeff Daniels is fantastic in the show. Everyone is, but he really carries it. He portrays Will McAvoy so well in the typical amped-up, fast-paced Sorkin way. But then again Sam Waterston is charming, fierce, and captivating as Charlie Skinner, Emily Mortimer is stunning as Mackenzie MacHale, and most days I feel like the character Maggie (Alison Pill). In all, it’s a fantastic cast that I could not get enough of.

Have you seen The Newsroom? What do you think??