4.27-29: Weekend Recap

left work early to go to the bank | got a pedicure | packing | watched Grimm | woke up early | went to Deluxe Station Diner | shopping at Haymarket | Price napped & I edited photos for PL | get ready for overnight in NH | went to Star Market and Urban Grape for snacks & wine | met at Catherine’s beach rental to celebrate Elaine’s Birthday| we went out to dinner to Ron’s Landing | back to chat and relax before bed | Price got super sick in the middle of the night | woke up late | leasurily morning | Elaine left to go back to NY | breakfast with Catherine at KP’s | talked about both our house buying experiences | drove back home | watched DVR’d NASCAR race | Price did 2 loads of laundry while I packed | developed photos at CVS | make taco salad for dinner | make ice cream for SRC post | Price went to CVS for cold medicine & saw that Frank was hit w/o anyone leaving a note earlier (!!) | blog post prep | mad men