7.26-29: Weekend Recap @ BSP3

leave work early | my dad arrives to stay over | show my dad around the house | Price comes home (softball was canceled) | go to Santarpio’s for pizza dinner | stop at grocery store | make macaroni salad | bad before 12.30am | up to finish packing for BSP3 | say bye to Dad | drop Price off at work | leave for PA @ 8.45 | drive and drive and drive | arrive at hotel | grocery store, liquor store & CVS run | Rita’s ice | Kita arrives | start of BSP3 | won a Kitchenaid stand mixer at Friday night gathering | watch Olympics at hotel | bed | up early to get hair supplies for Heidi braids | BSP3 all day | discover left car windows open & everything is wet from the storms | Olympics & then bed | waffle breakfast to end BSP3 | leave PA | Shake Shack lunch | back home!!! | relax with Olympics






2 breakfast’s + 8 miles= typ day in NYC

When Price and I go into New York City we go all out. I love the energy, pace, and everything to do and see in the City. I try to plan days that are focused on events, exhibits or places we want to eat at.

A few weeks ago we got the chance to do one of these action packed days. Believe me, it was a long, full day.

To make a long story short, I’ll just say that Price loves Linny Boyette on the Today Show. Who is Linny? Linny has been the Today Show audience fixture for over 15 years. He points to the camera as it passes (typ around 7.30am)

He is the reason that Price and I woke up at 5.15 to get on the 6.16 train out of Port Chester so we could be in the Today Show Audience.

After our waving at the Today Show cameras (Yes, we were on TV. We DVR’d the show and checked later), we walked down 5th to 23rd Street. Once we reached the Flat Iron building we hooked it over to the West Side on 23rd Street.


Our first breakfast stop was at La Maison du Macaron, between 6th and 7th. This place was suggested to us by Price’s roommate when he was in Biloxi rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.  Francis works for Gilt Taste, so he obviously knows good food. This place lived up to his recommendation. Price had a ham and cheese crossiant and I had a Salted Caramel Macaron and a Rose Lychee Liquor macaron. I will be your best friend forever if you ever get me a box of those Rose Lychee Liquor Macarons.

To be able to cross off a “I want to go to there”* place, we continued down 23rd to Doughnut Plant. I think this place has been a place that I wanted to go to for over 5 years now. I just don’t typically go into The City early enough for breakfast, but today was a lucky day and we got to share a donut.

nom nom nom jeally donut with peanut butter glaze

Price and I then went to The Highline. I love this place. We went 2 years ago when it first opened so I was looking forward to coming to see Section 2 since it had opened. I will post more about The Highline later.


The heat of the morning started to creep upon use we we wandered along on The Highline, so we stopped at the People’s Pops stand to get a shaved ice. It was very refreshing and very flavorful.


Next stop: Eataly!

We walked back along 23rd Street to get to Eataly, the 50,000 sf Italian market. It was heavenly. I wandered around looking at the fresh produce, smoked meats, wedges of cheeses, and cool fish. There were several different restaurants of various sizes and themes.

While we could have eaten at Eataly we decided to go to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. It was a fantastic decision. The line was long but went quickly. We enjoyed our burgers (mine was gluten free), shared our of cheese fries. Price got a black and white shake and I got a Hopscotch concrete. The lunch was amazing. Sad that the chatter of a Shake Shack in Boston did not pan out but glad we got to enjoy this visit there for lunch.


While we were at the park a couple got married. I thought they were just taking engagment photos since I was so into my food to care about the world around me. Guess I am glad I didn’t notice it since I would have been crying into my concrete instead of enjoying it.

After lunch Price and I walked back up 5th to 51st before deciding that continuing to Serendipity 3 to use a Groupon would add another mile to our walk in the heat. So we turned around walked back to 43rd to then walk to Grand Central. We were on the 2.37 train back to Port Chester.

And that is how your have 2 breakfasts and walk over 8 miles in New York City.

*Did you get the reference without having to look it up?


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