Holy Glitter Batman!

I have been feeling a little off lately. Just not myself which has translated into a scrapbooking slump for a few days. I also think that this contributed to the muffin mishap on Sunday (see earlier post), clearly I was not thinking properly, ha.

Well I finally told myself to shake it off and get back to being crafty. I have been thinking about this layout for a few days but have just been putting it off. It’s kinda simple but that was sorta all I could handle last night. I have had these Stickycut Letters from Stampin’ Up! for a long time. I decided that I would used them for this layout and use glitter to make a bold title.

I made a horrible mess on the floor, table, and my face. Price said he could see glitter all over my face… great, I hope I got every speck off in the shower this morning. Either way I love glitter and I have a feeling I’ll be using these Stickycut Letter a lot since they are made for glitter and beads, and I imagine sand would work too!


My new toy!!!!

I think I mentioned before how much I dislike Softball. Yep I really do. I’m not good, at all. I can’t hit. I run when the ball is hit and then get out because I got caught between the bases. Or I am out because I did not run when the ball was hit because I thought it was going to be caught so it gets backed up because of me and I get out. Even now writing this confuses me. Either way I go because I like to take photos, grill, and hang out with Price, who plays on my office’s softball team. So I now have all these photos to scrapbook from this past season. Slowly but surely I will get it done!

Well things will be even faster now that I have Stampin’ Up!’s My Digital Studio. I made a page (see below) tonight of photos from a game we played in August. I love this program. It’s user-friendly and has a great database of templates, kits, papers, embellishments, fonts, stamps, etc that can be applied to pages, calendars, cards, etc. I know that I will be using this more and more in the future because I like SU! products and I want to get into digital scrapbooking. This program is a good introduction into digital scrapbooking while keeping things familiar since I know the SU! color families, stamps, embellishments, etc.

I like using Photoshop for altering photos (such as actions) but My Digital Studio is good for simple things like cropping and resizing, mirroring, flipping, and rotating photos. Plus it does have some alterations like red/blue/yellow tone, lighten, darken, inverse, etc. In fact I darkened all the photos in MDS for this layout. While I know the layout is really simple but the overall look to the book is simple- quick and simple. Plus this is just the tip of the iceberg with the stuff that this has to offer. Sorry for the praises but I’m so excited that I did not end up yelling at the computer for not being able to resize the photos.

My Digital Studio is $79.95 (plus taxes and shipping) if you have questions or are interested in purchasing it just leave a comment and I will email you back.


I find the word Whoopie hilarious. One word and so many applications.

Whoopie cushion… whoopie pie.. making whoopie… Whoopi Goldberg. Or Whoopi Goldberg is a stretch but still great.

So when I decided to make Pumpkin Whoopie Pies in November I was so excited. 1) never had a whoopie pie before 2) first time making whoopie pies 3) Price helped. Price does not normally help me in the kitchen because I’m generally on a mission in the kitchen. Things are always so rushed so making dinner 1 person in the kitchen is easier than 2 bumping in to each other- one day we will coordinate the kitchen dance. At least there are nights when Price watches me cook while sitting on a chair while we chat about the day.

Maybe someone would argue that there is no need to scrapbook about baking Whoopie Pies but I enjoyed the night so much that I had to. Since I’m a goof about the word whoopie I gave it extra attention and made each chipboard letter different. Plus I really liked the pink polka dot paper from Stampin’ Up! so I had to use that and I basically worked the page around that.

Solid and patterned papers, chipboard letters, inks (white and soft suede), wire, and scalloped edge punch are from Stampin’  Up!, Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint in Worn Lipstick, ribbon

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe is HERE!

Getting Inspired Again

While architecture school requires you to be creative I always approached my projects pragmatically. I like grids, rhythm, and realism. While I could have gotten a bit more wild and free with these I liked to imagine them as real projects, with structure, budgets, and codes. The last class I really felt creative in was a C (third) level studio when I sewed a majority of my project. It was a horrible pain in the ass and it required the sewing machine (that my dad designed when he worked for singer in the 80’s) to be serviced. I had shades of red to pink to represent users and the feeling invoked related to those users. It’s not to say that I did not like my other classes but that was the most hands on creative one.

Now that I am getting out of school I am determined to try every crafty thing I can get my hands on. Even if I try and fail or hate it I am going to try it. Different mediums, different techniques, different classes, etc. Up next is learning to crochet.

Over the weekend I made a wreath using a  12″ foam form. I wrapped the whole thing in the majority of a skein of yarn. Then I wrapped it in ribbon, from Stampin’ Up! Broke it and then stuck it back together with toothpicks. You would never know I cracked it but dumb move on my part. Then I decorated it with holly leaves that I diecut using Stampin’ Up! papers and a sizzix template. The berries were buttons, also from Stampin’ Up! Lastly, I added some wire (SU!) to add some depth to the wreath.

Sun and Smiles

I finally got around to scrapbooking pictures from a dinner cruise Price and I went on last summer. It was fun to play with color and patterns.



Supplies: Blue patterned paper: Cocktail Dress Stripe from Luxe; Solid Paper, Flower Pattern Paper, ribbons, rub-ons, dimensionals all from Stampin’ Up! (Striped Patterned Paper is unknown)