12.28-30: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} made home-made buffalo chicken pizza | laundry | photo edited for Project Life 2012 layouts | lounged around & watched TV| bed

{Saturday} sick 2x | shower & get ready | visit breeder to check out Boston Terrier puppies | home | nap | Price got salt & sand at Home Depot & Ginger-ale for me at CVS | lounge on the sofa | watch ‘cuse game | soup and saltines more lounging around | bed

{Sunday} wake up to snow | Price cleaned up the drive away | make Price bacon, eggs, and english muffin for breakfast, had english muffin | Sunday Morning  | make cookies = fail | Giants game | organize blogging props | tortellini en brodo | Price did laundry | blogging | petco online browsing | shower | Old School | make pizza | watch football


12.7-9: Weekend Recap

{Friday} home sick! slept until 2pm | Price home from Ground Breaking for the Natick National Guard Readiness Center | Price brought back McDonald’s | lounging around | pizza

{Saturday} breakfast sandwich with taylor ham | Price and I go to work for a few hours | Haymarket | pick up dry cleaning | grocery store | tacos | watch My Week with Marilyn | bed

{Sunday}  made banana nut muffins for breakfast | watch Sunday Morning | read the paper | decide not go to to Eat Boutique- too lazy |  clean up kitchen and take out garbage | grocery store | make peanut butter pretzel M&M cookies | make Penne alla Vodka | make Thin Mint Gooey Cake Bars | blogging