2.24-26: weekend Recap

Leave work early | pick up the car from service with Pricer | trip to Marshall’s and Staples | grocery store | wine tasting at The Urban Grape | date night game night! | Price made chicken fingers | wii games | sleep in | Doo Wop Diner | drive around Malden- decided we don’t want to live there | get photos developed | cleaning | Sweet Caroline’s Grand Opening | late night Tasty Burger dinner with Liz and Jesus | early morning | made checkerboard cake | Price starts pulled pork | brunch at Baker’s Best | rush home | see 2 places in East Boston | Daytona was postponed 😦 | grocery store | laundry | talked to Nanny, Dad | make fried pickles | dinner | folding laundry | Project Life | Oscar’s





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Wii love Christmas!!!


Christmas was fantastic this year. It is great every year but I got some great gifts from a pressure canner and canning kit, mermaid stuff, necklaces, a big scrapbooking kit, tickets to see Stomp (5th time!), books, movies, etc. This summer better be last summer because I need some good tomatoes so I can break out the canning kit!!! In general it is hard to be home because I am out of my routine and I have to pack up the rabbits to bring them down and they are quite pissed to be in a different place. Plus the froze every time Cobi barked and Piper laid outside the room crying at the door to get in.

On the plus side I get to see my family and get to sleep in since I have nothing to really commit to. I slept like 11 hours on Saturday… pure joy.

This year was great because we had a great Christmas Eve… including a present with a $58 wrapping job. Hilarious story about my mom going to get a gift wrapped, thinking it would be like $15 max. Well the woman comes back with this crazy wrapping and bow, the woman tells her it is $48, including her $10 store credit. So the box was carefully removed, presents removed from there, and box carefully put back into wrapping. This is going to live under my mom’s friend’s tree every year now just to earn its value.

On Saturday my dad, his girlfriend, my brother, and I drove to New Jersey to try these sliders that my dad saw on CBS Sunday morning. They were supposed to be the best sliders in NJ. So we drove though crazy traffic, in the rain, to get to Hackensack to try them. First we went to White Castle to get their burgers to be able to compare them with the famous ones from White Manna. So after waiting in the rain for a bit, then like 40 minutes in the place for sliders we figured that White Castle’s were better, plus no wait. At  least we tried them. Always an adventure.


Emily and I went to Cracker Barrel on our way back to Boston since we have been talking about it for the past 2 years. It’s always been like ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to go to Crackle Barrel!?!?!?’ Well it was but also horrifying. I had some Country Fried Steak- the gravy was more like wallpaper paste- and Emily had Chicken and Dumplins. She said if she started to should “dumplins!” it ment she had to throw up in the car. Luckily that did not happen, but we both will be paying for that dinner for a while.  

So now I’m home preparing myself for another 3 days work week 🙂 Price is playing with the Wii my mom and step dad got him. I sense some very long nights of tournaments in our future!!!!  So glad we don’t have any plans for New Years!!!