Dining Out- Monday Munchies

My Monday Munchies series will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. These will range from $2 taco stands to $100 tastings. I want to share with you my experiences and thoughts on dining out.

If you have any suggestions for me please contact me and I hope be able to visit.


TAMO BAR_Boston_Review-10

Neighborhood Nights Out @ TAMO Bar – Boston, MA (10/2015)

Skipped (traveling (9/2015)

Tasty Burger Food Truck_Monday Munchies

Tasty Burger Food Truck – Boston, MA(8/2015)

Zo Boston_08

Zo – Boston, MA – Boston, MA (7/2015)

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_24

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe – Great Barrington, MA (6/2015)


Cocobeet – Boston, MA (5/2015)

Piroshky Piroshky Rachel's Ginger Beer Review

Piroshky Piroshky & Rachel’s Ginger Beer – Seattle, MA (4/2015)

 Floramo's Restaurant-7

Floramo’s Restaurant– Chelsea, MA (3/2015)

Mazzaros Florida-18

Mazzaro’s Italian Market– St. Petersburg, FL (2/2015)

Myers and Chang Dim Sum Brunch-8

Dim Sum at Myers & Chang– Boston, MA (1/2015)

Took a holiday break Nov & Dec 2014

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-7

Bakers Dozen Donuts– Raleigh, NC (10/2014)

Highland Kitchen_MM-7

Highland Kitchen– Somerville, MA (9/2014)

Skaneateles Bakery_10

Skaneateles Bakery– Skaneateles, NY (9/2014)

Took a summer break June, July, August 2014

BBSC and Cisco Brewery dinner-4

Dinner at Back Bay Social Club with Cisco Brewer’s– Boston, MA (5/2014)

Union Square Donuts

Union Square Donuts Somerville, MA (5/2014)

Barrington Brewery_MM-6

Barrington Brewery & Restaurant– Great Barrington, MA (4/2014)

Fajitas And Ritas-11

Fajitas and ‘Ritas – Boston, MA (3/2014)

Local 149_05

Brunch at Local 149 – Boston MA (3/2014)

The Fat Cactus-6

The Fat Cactus – Lynnfield, MA (2/2014)

Morada Bay Beach Cafe-7

Morada Bay Beach Cafe – Islamorada, FL (1/2014)

Hungry Tarpon-04

Hungry Tarpon Restaurant – Islamorada, FL (1/2014)

Angela's Cafe Boston_05

Angela’s Cafe – Boston, MA (8/2013)

Chefs In Shorts_13

Chefs in Shorts 2013 – Boston MA (6/2013)

The Red Hat_Polo Grasso

The Red Hat -Boston, MA (6/2013)

pedro's tacos_shrimp tacos

Took a spring break April, May, June 2013

Pedro’s Tacos – Boston, MA (3/2013)

panera cares_Boston_interior_02

Panera Cares – Boston, MA (3/2013)

Osaka_hibachi Osaka Supreme

OSAKA Japanese Sushi & Steak House – Brookline, MA (2/2013)

fire house deli_montana

Firehouse Deli – Greenwich, CT (1/2013)

Filiberto's_Chimichanga Plate

Filiberto’s Mexican Food – AZ, CA, NM (1/2013)

Monti's_Lunch Filet

Monti’s La Casa Vieja – Tempe, AZ (12/2012)


Saus – Boston, MA (11/2012)

boloco_truck stop

Boloco – MA, NH, VT, DC (11/2012)

Katz's Bagel Bakery_04

Katz’s Bagel Bakery – Chelsea, MA (10/2012)

brutole_lobster mac and cheese_02

Brutole Restaurant – Danvers, MA (9/2012)

doug's fish fry_08

Doug’s Fish Fry – Skaneateles, NY (9/2012)

Bob's Clam Hut_05

Bob’s Clam Hut– Kittery, ME (8/2012)

Steak Tips_Tip Tap Room

The Tip Tap Room– Boston, MA (7/2012)

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