Exploring- Boston

Boston Custom House_120531


My home since August 2003, when I left for college. I have (reluctantly) let Boston become home and am enjoying exploring what this city* has to offer now that I have put my guard down. I have learned the ins and outs of this college town. I am a masshole driver and I take pride in it. I have walked the freedom trail. I have watched championship parades ride by office. I’ve cheered on runners at the marathon. I have stumbled my way along the brick sidewalks and have had my share of falls.


Quack Quack Quack- Boston Duck Boat Tour (5/12)

It was hot standing in the shade!! {Boston Marathon 2012} (4/2012)

Burrito Bowl Numero Dos (2/2012)

Sky Zone, will make you Jump, Jump (3/2011)

Ole! First Annual Burrito Bowl Recap (2/2011)

‘Hometown’ tourists (7/2010)

Opening Day at City Hall Farmers’ Market (5/2010)

Out of Africa ( 7/2009)

*Boston can try as hard as it might but it will never hold that soft spot in my heart that NYC does. But that is okay, Boston has it’s own special memories for me.



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