Exploring- New England

New England has always been my home since I was born and raised in Connecticut and just hopped up to Massachusetts when I moved to Boston in 2003. I love to explore the Nutmeg State and the Bay State, as well as the 4 other states that make up New England.


Apple Picking at Cider Hill Farm – Amesbury, MA (10/13)

Apple Picking At Russell Orchard – Ispwich, MA (9/12)

We saw Puffins!!!! {Seal Island Puffin Cruise} – Stonington, ME (9/12)

A summer day in Newport – Newport, RI (7/2012)

A beach stroll & the Revere Beach National Sand Sculpture Festival – (7/2012)

Brimfield Finds – Brimfield, MA (7/2012)

Our Sunrise on Mt Washington Adventure – Gorham, New Hampshire (7/12)

The day we went zip lining: Berkshire East – Charlemont, MA (6/12)

A beautiful day: Bridge of Flowers – Shelburne Falls, MA (6/12)

Whale Watching  in Massachusetts Bay – Plymouth, MA (6/12)

Apple Picking at Mack’s Apples – Londonderry, NH (10/2011)

Brimfield’s weirdest and finest – Brimfield, MA (7/2011)

Satan’s Kingdom – Satan’s Kingdom, MA (2/2011)

Wool Day at Canterbury Shaker Village– Canterbury, NH (9/10)

Let’s GO Racin’ Boys!!! – Loudon, NH (9/2010)

Brimfield: From Balls Jars to Raspberry Lime Rickeys – Brimfield, MA (9/2010)

Quiet Corner Adventures: 2 – ‘Quiet Corner’ of Connecticut (4/2010)

Bacon Over the camp fire?!?! But of course! – Franconia, NH (8/09)


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