Boston Brunchers’ Birthday Brunch- Ticket Giveaway!

To say that I enjoy brunch is an understatement. At the beginning of the year, I heard about a new group called Boston Brunchers and I knew that I had to participate in it. Spending time with other Bostonian’s enjoying brunch at different restaurants around Boston… obviously a great idea.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying brunch with Boston Brunchers at…

Dorado Tacos and Cemitas (2/2012)

Sel De La Terre (5/2012)

Ashmont Grill (6/2012)

Avenue One (7/2012)

Well now I have the pleasure of going to the one year anniversary brunch. <yay!> And if that’s not awesome enough, I get to give away a ticket as well. You really want to win… trust me. Just check out the list of restaurants and companies that are providing goodies in the swag bags!

The original brunch location had to change and instead of just announcing it Renee, the organizer of BB, held a little contest allowing the person who correctly guessed the new location to give away a ticket. After 2 guesses I correctly guessed that the new location will be Island Creek Oyster Bar.

To win a spot.

1) leave a comment telling me why you like to attend brunch.

For extra chances to win.

1) Tweet the following: “I really want to win a ticket for @bostonbrunchers bday brunch at @ICOBar from @iamahoneybee;

2) Follow me on Twitter @iamahoneybee. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower.

3) Follow Boston Brunchers on Twitter. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower.

{Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday 10/2 at 8pm.}


12 thoughts on “Boston Brunchers’ Birthday Brunch- Ticket Giveaway!

  1. jill says:

    Because their brunch is AMAZING and I want to meet other lovers of brunch! Spicy Gin Bloody Mary’s, Corn Frittatas, Homemade Donuts?….One time they gave me a free drink and I went home after brunch and passed out face down on my bed because it was soooo delicious!


  2. Amy says:

    I have had the good fortune of being to two Boston Brunchers events now, but still consider myself a newbie. I love attending brunch for the following reasons:
    1- I have met the most amazingly friendly, smart, interesting and fun people.
    2- I have a whole new list of blogs on my RSS and Twitter feeds that are quickly becoming major favorites.
    3- Boston Brunchers has dragged my lazy self out of my Somerville/Cambridge comfort zone to awesome places like The Cottage in Chestnut Hill…and helped me improve my navigation-while-driving skills (thank you!!)
    4- And of course, last but not least, I have had some freakin’ awesome food…I still have dreams about the truffled tater tots from The Cottage. I am not joking.

    p.s. also tweeted. Cheers!


  3. Julie says:

    I work and study law about 60 hours a week. Brunch is my safe place, my disconnect and reconnect, my sanctuary. It’s a time for me to catch up with myself and my friends. @icobar is a favorite place to do just that. It’s once thing I can count on looking forward to and I know brunch will never leave me and love me unconditionally, no matter how busy or stresses I am- brunch will be there.


  4. Wine Me a River says:

    I would LOVE a chance to go to the b-day celebration brunch because…
    1. I heart brunch and ICO Bar is one of my favorite brunch places.
    2. ICO Bar does a great job with responsible sourcing of food products.
    3. I really would love an opportunity to meet other brunch lovers and expand my circle of foodie friends!
    4. Because they have doughnut muffins!! It’s a two for one dose of awesomeness!


  5. Lin @ BeantownEats says:

    ICO Bar is at the top of my list for places in the Kenmore area and in the city in general. Great cocktail list, awesome fresh seafood. I’ve never been to their brunch, but can only imagine how amazing it must be. Would love to experience it on Boston Bruncher’s 1st Birthday!


  6. Sean William (@BostonMo) says:

    I would like to attend the Boston Bruncher’s Birthday bas at ICO because it is a block from my house, i will likely be hungover and i have never brunched at ICO before … Just being honest!

    But really, I think this event brings together a wonderful bunch of people who have common interests and really just want to meet others, spread a good word and enjoy a great meal!


  7. elizabeth (@elipo68) says:

    Every weekend, I make brunch for my lovely wife and myself. Usually, it’s a Southern style thing: Sausage gravy and biscuits with eggs; Eggs, grits, bacon; waffles; bacon, egg and cheese bagels; etc. I think it would be nice to win the ticket for her so she can get out of the apt. for a morning, meet some people who share her interest in food and to tweet at me what she’s eating.


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