Satan’s Kingdom


There is a small group of people who know me personally enough to know that when they come across random, bizarre articles, link, or places that I am a good person to share them with. So, the fact that I received an email from my friend Emily with no text and just the wiki link to Satan’s Kingdom, MA is not that out of the ordinary .I could not believe that a place actually existed called Satan’s Kingdom, let alone driving distance from Boston. After the busy holidays we found that we would be able to go last Sunday (1/30). Plus, we felt it would be best to go as a way to celebrate my birthday. ha

The idea of driving 2+ hours one day to get to Satan’s Kingdom, “an unincorporated community in the town of Northfield, Massachusetts” (wiki), would be a ridiculous idea for some people, but this is just the kind of thing the Emily and I enjoy. We have driven to Maine for lobsters since it’s much more fun to get them right off the docks and to the Cape for no real reason at all aside from a trip just to end with boxed wine.

So we set out early to drive to Satan’s Kingdom. The ultimate goal was to get to the Satan’s Kingdom Wildlife Management Area, where there had to be a sign that we could take a photo with. Without real directions to there we drove around the town trying to reach the Wildlife Management Area, mind you this is the middle of no where so there is no consistent 3G reception telling us where to go. First we overshot it and ended up in Vermont. Then we circled back and stumbled upon W Rd, which according to google maps on the iphone is “closed winters”. I thought that this would not be true… hello, we are not in the Rocky’s here! I was wrong. Finally, we then found Veron Rd which brought us there, which also was closed further down.

I have no idea how my car made it on the hills. The two just kept cracking up in the car as my car made angry noises as it slowly made it up these little snow covered hills. But we made it through, even making it over the tiny causeway at Sawyer Ponds.

Once we made it there we took foolish photos with the sign. How can you miss the opportunity to make devil horns in front of that sign?!? And briefly wanted around Satan’s Kingdom, which was not spewing hot fire but was covered with a nice coating of snow. There were even older snowshoer’s who were also there, that I suspect not as (childish) amused by the sign as we were.

After the visit to the Satan’s Kingdom, we headed north to Brattleboro, Vermont. We enjoyed an amazing brunch and checked out at local yarn store before heading back to Boston. In all it was a long day of driving but it was totally worth it. I can’t even wait to scrapbook these pictures!

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16 thoughts on “Satan’s Kingdom

  1. derek says:

    Its too bad you didnt really see what was up there. I saw it on the map and thought I would drive up there just to see what was there. When I tried looking it up. I found your blog. Im thinking about taking a day trip to Pumpkin Hollow, New York. With a name like that I just gotta go:) Thanks for the blog entry.


  2. b-chick says:

    I live about 20 minutes from here and have never been. When I spotted it on GoogleMaps a few years ago I decided I had to go and haven’t gotten around to it yet.


  3. Nemo says:

    It’s Vernon rd not veron..get yours facts right. Just because you don’t see what’s there does not mean that you missed th true beauty of the place. Yuck city folk


  4. Kim Dom Khang says:

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  5. Lake Dunmore says:

    A confusing article – Satan’s Kingdom is in Leicester, Vermont. We have a house on Road W and while it isn’t closed for winter – you do need chains on your tires to live in Vermont. You would then need to head South to Brattleboro….


  6. Falk says:

    there’s not a whole lot on the internet about Satan’s Kingdom. I couldn’t even find how the village got its name. I wish I had known last time i was in Brattleboro. Now I have to make a whole separate trip out there from NYC. Thanks for sharing the pics and directions!


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