And they call it puppy love

boston terrier_01

Yesterday, Pricer and I went to our Boston Terrier breeder to visit the puppies again. We are picking up our pup next weekend!!! We had our deposit in first so we get first pick so we came to take some time to figure out which one we liked most on appearance and personality.

boston terrier_18

boston terrier_06 boston terrier_07

boston terrier_16

There are 3 males to pick from so we each held them for a bit to see how they did being held again. Plus the puppy breath is to die for.

At that point I was drawn to the first puppy born which was a brindle one. Price liked the 2nd one (photo directly above) and the 3rd one, which was the smallest. As usually, we agreed on nothing.

Tony, the breeder, said we could put them down. This would allow us to see how they played and responded to us. Game changer.

boston terrier_08 boston terrier_09

boston terrier_10 boston terrier_11

Lap of puppies. #3 on left,#2 on right

rex cat_01 rex cat_02

Tony also had 2 rex 6 month old kittens. One decided that I made the perfect seat to watch us play with the puppies.

boston terrier_05

Seriously so cute!! 7 weeks of cuteness

boston terrier_17

After we left the puppies play around for a while between us we decided on #3, above picture. While they are all super wonderful puppies and we would be lucky to get any of them, we picked him because he was the mellowest of the three. The other 2 wanted to climb over us, which was cute, but we are aiming for a little guy who is a bit more chill. Plus one who does not NEED to chew on our shoes and pants, which the other 2 quite enjoyed.

We put the pups back in the elevated crate to snuggle with the girls and take a nap. The puppy pid pile is the cutest. One choice on #3 seemed to solidify when #1 started to hump one of the sleeping girls, which let him know she did not enjoy that. Not polite!

boston terrier_02 boston terrier_03

  boston terrier_04

sooo sleepy…

boston terrier_13 boston terrier_14

boston terrier_15

Some of the girls woke back up and were thirsty.

 boston terrier_12

Fat belly!!!


I just about peed my pants laughing when I turned and looking at Tony’s pugs. He was falling asleep like that so his block head would droop down and then pop back up as he caught himself dozing. Hilarious.

It was so worth it to go back since they changed a lot in 4 weeks and having that time with him really helped us pick which one we will be taking home next week. SQUEEE!!!!


7 thoughts on “And they call it puppy love

  1. William Kelly says:

    It’s hard to pick a puppy when there are so many choices. No matter which one it’ll make the perfect buddy. Boston Terrier’s are so full of character. Be prepared to play! The next week will drag on so slowly now waiting for the new baby to come home.


  2. Carmine X. Blake says:

    Boston terriers. 500 firm Pure bread boston terriers 3 left all male. Shots and vet checked parents are on suite thanks. We have 2 left. 500 firm. 500 is a steel This ad was posted with the Kijiji mobile app.


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