6.14-16: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} Big G Summer Bonus Party | meet Pricer after work | Chefs in Shorts Event w Staci and Eddie | home | bed

{Saturday} up early | Price is hungover! ha!! | bagels for breakfast | gardening work together in front of house – dig up bed & plant lilly bulbs| lunch- burgers, corn that Pricer grilled | dishes & tidy up the kitchen | lounge and nap time | work from 5-8.30 | mac & cheese for dinner |  watch the Bruins game | blogging | bed

{Sunday} get up early | made waffles for breakfast | a little blog announcement! |  get ready | work for a few hours | Sonsie brunch (very late May date!) | Boston Strong sports car show on Boylston | home to change & get Kemper | 2.5 mile walk aroung Arnold Arboretum | grocery store | dinner- leftovers & take out | make kemper huge batch of food | give Kemper a bath | miss usa | bed

boston skyline sunset_01 boston skyline sunset_02

Chefs in Shorts- shrimp on chip Chefs in Shorts- scraping honey off the comb

talenti salted caramel bar_01 talenti salted caramel bar_02

 lunch- mexican corn lunch- summer tomatoes


david's iced tea


happy pre-father's day

sonsie brunch- his and hers drinks

brunch date pic sports car rally Boston

on a walk- arnold arboretum_01  on a walk- arnold arboretum_02

huge magnolia flower

kemper in creek_02 kemper in creek_01

kemper tired


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