Mother’s Day Gift Guide- 2017

Woohoo! Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready?!

Resist the urge to take mom out for brunch. Everyone does it and it’s a madhouse out there. Also, resist the idea of making breakfast in bed for her. Unless you make everything, give her the breakfast, and walk away to clean EVERYTHING up. Let her eat in peace. Personally, I think it’s a better idea to let her sleep in while you take a gremlins out of the house, and you bring back her favorite donuts/bagel/pastries and a giant coffee. Again, you leave her alone to eat in peace.

Have you caught on yet?!?!?

In addition to that, some gifts would be nice. Feel free to go while and get some fun things. Maybe you should skip that spinning stone necklace in exchange for these awesome goodies.

-Bath and Body-


A Great Lipstick- Melted by Too Faced $21

I am loving lipsticks from Too Faced lately since they have great coverage and colors. Nudes are classic but bright colors are fun for summer. Just get her one that will make her feel wonderful.



Her Favorite Perfume – $60+

It’s just wonderful how when you give your mom a big hug and you take in a deep breath, breathing in her perfume, it takes you back to memories of your childhood.

Getting her a fresh bottle of her signature scent is a winning gift. Or pick up a new scent for her that is sure to become a classic.


Key, Wallet Tracker – TrackR $30

If mom misplaces her keys or wallet as much as I do, then she will probably love this gadget. It will make getting out of the house with keys in hand quickly and stress free. Instead of running around like crazy looking for her keys, she will be able to quickly locate them with the app on her phone.

Ultra Compact Portable High-Speed Charger- Anker $17

For the moms on the go, these portable phone charges are great. They help you stay connected, or at least on Instagram while at the park.

-Food and Drink- 


Pineapple embossed wineglasses –  Luminarc $32 for 6

Pineapples are super trendy now. Yay! So you can’t go wrong with gifting these fun glasses and a bottle of wine.

Then walk far away from mom so she can enjoy a glass of wine in silence. shhhh!!

7 In 1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Instant Pot $99

This could be tricky. She might be offended that you are giving her a kitchen gadget, but

the risk might pay off when she tries it and falls in love with it. I am loving mine so I hope she loves hers too.

A fun mug- $15

I swear that it’s a real victory if I can manage to drink a cup of coffee without reheating it in the microwave. Why are morning so crazy?!?! At least a new  large mug will be a cute addition  to her collection. Hopefully, it will give her a good laugh when she retrieves it out of the microwave again and again.

And don’t forget to gift her favorite coffee or tea along with the mug!

Delightfully Delicious Macarons – $15- 90

Online order some macarons or stop by a local bakery to pick some up before visiting mom. I bet she will get a kick out the inventive flavors, like passion fruit, lychee, or lavender.

-Staying Active- 

Activity Tracker- Fit Bit $99- $150

I have used a FitBit for the past few years and I have loved every step of it. There are all different styles of fitness trackers so get one that you think mom will like. The low profile Alta or the Charge with the heart rate monitor? So many options, so many mix and match bands to accessorize with it.

Fitness Membership  – Orange Theory

If mom likes to push herself then have her check out an Orange Theory class. She will love to see how many calories she burned and how many splat points she earned during class. Then she can calculate how many glasses of wine she can have in exchange for the calories she burned during class. ha!


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Bye 2016! Hello 2017!


A cocktail for him, a mocktail for me.
Enjoying date night to celebrate the end of the year, our 12th dating anniversary, and Baby H arriving in June! Cheers!!!


Every year my husband and I review ‘The Best of’ at the end of the year.

We all know 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year, so I don’t need to dwell on the things that went badly to horrible wrong… celebrity deaths, US and international terrorist attacks, accidents and natural disasters, and Trump!

We focus on the things that brought us happiness from dinners out, vacations, funny moments, etc.

While enjoying a dinner out to celebrate our 12th dating anniversary (1/2 to be exact) we recapped the year that was 2016.


We said good bye to Boston, home for 12+ years, where we met, where we graduated college together, where we bought a house, had Autumn, got our dogs, and made tons of memories.

Adding Brinkley to our family. Right before moving. Insanity but glad we didn’t think twice about getting our little derpy love muffin.

A great date night before leaving Boston at the Tip Tap Room where we had the best pork belly steamed buns. Dreamy.

The crazy awesomeness that was moving from Boston to the Tampa area. I flew with Autumn and our rabbit, Bunny, in mid Feb and Price drove down with the stinky dogs in mid March.

We sold our house. Above asking. A lot above asking.

Discovering how easy it is to get Taylor Ham at the grocery store here in Florida. It’s the little things in life.

Making wonderful friends down here. They have helped make this transition to the complete unknown a lot easier.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a long weekend in Disney. It was a combined honeymoon and anniversary thing for us and it was so much fun. Except for a few queasy hours at Epcot. ha!

We started construction on our dream house.

Taking Autumn to Disney was an awesome day. She loved everything about it from meeting Ariel, riding dumbo, and suckering Price into a $$$ customized parasol with Cinderella’s castle on it. It was a long hot day but so worth every second of it.

We blew through the fall and right into winter with the warm weather, which I love.

Watching Autumn grow this past year has awesome too. She has such a fun personality and cracks us up, when not driving us crazy asking ‘why?’ 500x a day. Non stop talking and singing is only broken up when she is doing art projects. She is so fun!


Now we have a lot to look forward to in 2017!

We can’t wait to move into our house and then welcome our second child there.

I can’t wait for all the big things and the small awesome things that make day to day so much fun.




9.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work | stop by the house to check out progress | home | walk with the dogs and Autumn | give Autumn a bath | Price gets home | Price puts Autumn to bed while I take the dogs on a walk | make dinner: Blue Apron Shrimp and Grits | watch Triple D  |watch The Intern | blog stuffs | bed


Price up with Auumn at 5.45 | get up at 6.40 | banana bread, coffee, and cartoons | Dad and Price go to get the boat ready | go to Winn Dixie | go on the boat | stop by the house- no work yet| lunch: Blue Apron Sloppy Joe’s | Autumn naps | blog stuff |  4 mile walk with the dogs | go to Winn Dixie (AGAIN!!!!) | food blogging prep | bed


up with Autumn | breakfast| go to the site | Dunk Donuts | make blog recipes | Autumn naps | make more blog recipes |go to the pool with Autumn | Autumn eats dinner at the pool – hot dog and fries | Giants game | go to the site again, talk with Renee| go to Winn Dixie | home | make salad for dinner- done by 8pm | watch 9/11 special | blogging and photo edits go to bed at 1am

8.19-21: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home later than normal | Price gets home | Dad goes to Build a Burger monthly event for dinner | Autumn goes to bed | get pizza | watch Olympics | go to bed

160822_weekend recap_01 160822_weekend recap_02


Price gets up and takes out the dogs | up with Autumn at 6.15 | Price gets ready to go fishing | Dad and Price goes fishing | clean the kitchen, fold laundry, play with Autumn, take a long walk with the dogs- during the morning | Autumn has lunch and then takes a nap | blog stuff | Price and Dad get home with fish for dinner | Autumn gets up from her nap | go to The Beach even with Dad and Autumn=- sold out | go to Ikea | meet Price at the lot | home | fish for dinner | Dad goes to luau party | Autumn goes to bed | watch Olympics | bed

160822_weekend recap_03 160822_weekend recap_04

160822_weekend recap_05 160822_weekend recap_06

160822_weekend recap_07

160822_weekend recap_08 160822_weekend recap_09

160822_weekend recap_10 160822_weekend recap_11

160822_weekend recap_12 160822_weekend recap_13

160822_weekend recap_14


up early with Autumn | take the dogs for a walk | Price starts pulled pork in the slow cooker | grocery shopping | lunch | nap with Autumn | get a mani/pedi with Autumn | quick stop at Publix | home for dinner- pulled pork with cole slaw | make cupcakes with Autumn for Dad’s birthday | make apple pie | work on Ebook | talk to mom | bed

160822_weekend recap_15

160822_weekend recap_16 160822_weekend recap_17

160822_weekend recap_18 160822_weekend recap_19

160822_weekend recap_20 160822_weekend recap_21

160822_weekend recap_22

8.12-14: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home from work | take the dogs for a walk with Autumn | dinner | work on S’mores ebook

160815_weekend recap_01


up early | Price takes the dogs out| breakfast | play outside with Autumn | Price vacuums 2nd floor | take Autumn for an adventure- visit home site, michael’s, Ulta, have lunch at the Olive Garden | get home | Autumn naps | go to the pool | dinner | work on S’mores book

160815_weekend recap_02

160815_weekend recap_03 160815_weekend recap_04

160815_weekend recap_05

160815_weekend recap_06 160815_weekend recap_07


up early | make french toast for breakfast | work on s’mores book – photo editing | Autumn paints (new supplied from michael’s) | Autumn has leftover spaghetti for lunch | Autumn naps | Price does a lot of cleaning | take dogs out for a long walk | dinner | up super late working on S’mores book

160815_weekend recap_08

160815_weekend recap_09 160815_weekend recap_10

160815_weekend recap_11 160815_weekend recap_12

160815_weekend recap_13