29 Weeks- Bump Update

I’ll do a weekly bump update so I can look back and see how things progress and what was happening at various points along the way.

29 week bump

So what’s been going on this past week?

I had my glucose test on Tuesday morning. It really wasn’t bad- just like flat orange soda. Plus I had imagined it was like a big Poland Springs bottle but it was only about 4 ounces, which is next to nothing. Then it was just an hour of waiting and a blood draw. Pretty basic. The worst part of it all was getting the gauze and tape off my arm that night. So now I just wait on the results, which I hope say I can still eat a cookie when I want!

And then on Wednesday morning I had another Dr’s appointment for an ultrasound. I walked in and had a different tech and *boom* I was miserable. I love my typical ultrasound tech Liz and not having her just ruined the whole experience. It takes me a lot to warm up to people, and I’m now really comfortable with her since I see her ever 2 weeks. Plus unannounced change does not sit well with me. This woman was really nice but it was just not the fit for me. Also I got some of the crappiest sonogram pics ever. Whatever, I’ll get some great ones soon when I see Liz next.

So, I’ve come to find out I’m scheduled for my C-section on Monday 11/25 (more on that later). So weird to know exactly when we’ll have the baby, unless, of course, The Bean decides to show up sooner. So, I’ll be in at Brigham and Women’s for Thanksgiving. Eh, no big. The biggie for me is that my OBGYN can’t actually make it then so I need to meet a colleague of her’s who will actually do it. Like I said, I don’t deal well with change, esp when it comes to people, but I’ll have Price with me when we meet and on the big day so he’ll keep me grounded, i.e. not let me freak/bitch out.

On Saturday,  we finally got to Union Square Donuts in Somerville. I had talked about them months ago but we finally got there and holy hell… these are some incredible donuts. Long ago I wrote off Dunkin’ and places like this really enforce why I don’t waste my $ and calories on crappy donuts. They have large light, airy donuts in flavors like Maple Bacon and Chocolate Chipotle. We shared a Maple Bacon, Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch, and a Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel for a late lunch. Perfection. I warned Price that if I am ever craving a donut he better get in the car to go there ASAP. 🙂

Also, on Saturday we sorta stalked a woman in Target to talk to her about the Baby Jogger City Select stroller she was using. It had been wrestling for our pick with the Uppa Baby Vista. Well, luck would have it, this super nice lady had BOTH. She got the Vista with her 1st child and then got the City Select when she had her 2nd because she felt limited with the Vista. So hearing her feedback related to both and her suggestion to get the City Select has sealed the deal for us.

29 Week Bump Update

Current Due Date: 12/1/13- BUT I’m scheduled for my C-section on 11/25! It will be a Thanksgiving in the hospital!

Weight Gain: just under 7 lbs total. And The Bean was estimated at 2lb 10 oz on Wednesday.

Stretch Marks: none 🙂

Belly Button: still glad there has been no change

Clothing: regular pants when I use the belly bands and still in some regular tops but adding in more of the new maternity clothes I got with my mom last weekend

Cravings/Aversions: I walked by Chipotle on Tuesday and felt so gaggy. I think I will be skipping Chipotle now.

Sleep: having some trouble falling asleep so I’m taking Unisom again

Mood: fine, unless it relates to change

Movement: Found out The Bean is currently Frank Breech (butt down with feet up by the face). Poor little thing is folded up in half!! So I think that is why some movement has been limited recently and most on my left side.

Milestones: we picked our stroller!

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach.

What I am looking forward to: We are heading off to The Keys for our ‘babymoon’ on Thursday morning. (Kemper is staying with our dog walker, who he loves, but I’m sure I’ll still be a wreck leaving him)

Comparable Fruit/Veggie Size: Acorn Squash (Average size: 15.2 – 16.7 inches head to toe, 2.5 – 3.8 lbs) via The Bump


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