33 Weeks- Bump Update

I’ll do a weekly bump update so I can look back and see how things progress and what was happening at various points along the way.

33 weeks bump

43 days to go!

I was really worried going to the DR on Friday because I was expecting them to give me grief for gaining a lot of weight since my last appointment. It might have been the 6 hot apple cider donuts that I ate weekend. Or the 2 dinners in which I had steak. And maybe it was the breakfast that included a bowl of cereal and then a half of a cheesy bagel with veggie cream cheese. But I stepped on the scale and it said I had lost a pound since the last appointment, which meant I’ve gained 8 lbs total. Well, being pregnant is the best diet ever then. ha!

My baby shower was held for me yesterday, which is why my mom surprised me by showing up on Friday night. Well, Price knew but I didn’t so it was a nice surprise when I got home. Anyway, my baby shower was amazing and beautiful. I was really anxious about it because I don’t like being the center of attention and you kinda are when you are the focus of the party. Opening presents in front of everyone is the stuff of nightmares for me (Christmas is a horror for me). But thankfully Price was there to help out with the presents and speed things along. Aside from the opening presents part, it was so lovely and fun. 

Any tips on getting a baby to flip? Hoping The Bean flips soon since it’s still all tangled up with its hands and feet right up in front of its face. Plus then maybe I’ll finally get to feel some real kicking since I don’t feel any movement related to that now since it’s all balled up. We’ll see how things go in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

33 Week Bump Update

Current Due Date: 12/1/13- BUT I’m scheduled for my C-section on 11/25! Thanksgiving in the hospital!

Weight Gain: 8lbs total, according to my DR’s visit on Friday (10/11)

Stretch Marks: none 🙂

Belly Button: getting shallower, but the ring is still in. I feel just stubborn about taking it out. It’s dumb.

Clothing: still a big mix of stuff… maternity pants and regular pants with a belly band paired with maternity and regular tops.

Cravings/Aversions: nothing this past week, but still pretty indecisive when it comes to picking out what to eat

Sleep: getting really tired again. napped yesterday and today

Mood: pretty even but I was extra sensitive on Monday and was pretty much drained and ready to cry all day for no real reasons

Movement: the baby shifts around a lot but I’m not feeling kicks since the baby is Frank Breech. I keep telling The Bean to move but it’s just not listening.

Milestones: had my baby shower yesterday!

What I miss: not having to track how much water I’ve been drinking. I’m getting really tired of water

What I am looking forward to: getting to work on The Bean’s room. Gotta set up the crib!

Comparable Fruit/Veggie Size: Durian (Average size: 17.2 – 18.5 inches head to toe, 4.2 – 5.8 lbs) via The Bump


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