Apple picking at Cider Hill Farm

Apple Picking_Cider HIll Farm_01

I know, I know… It’s a bit late in the season to post about apple picking but I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures from when we went apple picking a few weeks ago. Plus things are still great in some orchards so don’t think you’ve missed your chance just yet!!

Apple Picking_Cider HIll Farm_02

We try to go to different orchards every year to experience something new and see which ones we like the best. Price found Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA so we headed up there for a bit of apple picking.

Apple Picking_Cider HIll Farm_03

Once you grab a bag for the apples you are ready to go! They give out a handy guide to inform you about each variety, such as what they tasted like, and where each apple is in the several orchards. As well, we were told which apples were best to harvest now and where they were in the orchards, just to help us out.

I feel that the info could be improved to help you pick which apple you would want for what use. We always go to the orchards to get apples that are great for eating and baking with since I’m not one to really make sauce. So we ended up pulling up info on our phones as we walked around the orchards. (As well, this guide is really helpful!)

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_04 Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_05

Could not get over the hanging baskets. Just look how big they are compared to the pumpkins!

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_06 Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_07

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_08

Rows upon rows of apples fresh for the picking!

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_09 Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_10

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_11

We wandered around the long rows picking apples at the tips of our finger tips. There is just something so fun about squishing yourself in the branches and just grabbing hold of a fresh shiny apple!

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_12 Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_13

Autumn is just so beautiful.

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_14 Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_15

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_16

ahh bliss! These were fresh from the frier and so dang good. They were airy, flavorful, and the perfect consistency for apple cider donuts. We got a dozen because we get them 1x a year and I figured eating 6 was reasonable…

Apple Picking_Cider Hill Farm_17

For the 2013 season the price for apples is $1.85/lb and pumpkins are $.59/lb.

Cider Hill Farm

45 Fern Ave

Amesbury, MA 01913

(978) 388-5525


2 thoughts on “Apple picking at Cider Hill Farm

  1. bostonrookie says:

    Glad you made it to apple picking! The apple cider donuts are soooo good. That was a big flower hanging basket. I didn’t make it apple picking this year, but I enjoyed my first time last year.


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