Monday Munchies: Barrington Brewery & Restaurant- Great Barrington, MA

Barrington Brewery_MM-1

 A few weekends ago Price and I went to the Berkshires to check out a wedding venue. I had found Crissey Farm on Budget Savvy Bride when I was doing some searching around for venue options around New England so we wanted to check it out in person so finally get some wedding planning underway.

One of the reasons we really liked Crissey Farm was that it is attached to Barrington Brewery. The space for the wedding was wonderful with it being a new green facility that had beautiful high ceilings and 2 fireplaces. But it’s proximity to things like hotels/B&B’s, touristy things, and restaurants also helped out with its appeal. In fact, the Brewery is attached and the beers they serve at Crissey Farm are from the Brewery.

Barrington Brewery_MM-2 Barrington Brewery_MM-3

After we met with Crissey Farm’s owner, Gary, we went right next door to eat lunch at the solar powered brewery. They brew a variety of beers that change with the season.

Barrington Brewery_MM-5 Barrington Brewery_MM-6

Price first enjoyed the Berkshire Blond and then the Raspberry beer. They were both light body beers (10 oz. – $3.75, pint – $5, pitcher – $19) that were really refreshing. I had a sip of each and really liked them both.

Not sure which of the beers you would like to have? Try the Brewer’s Taste ($5) which gives you 5 3oz tastes of their beers.

Barrington Brewery_MM-4

If you find a beer that you enjoy you can take home beer in 22 oz bottles ($3.50 each/4 for $1), 64 oz refillable Growlers ($5 for growler, $9 to fill) or in a variety of sizes of kegs (5 gal. keg for $60, 1/4 keg for $80, 1/2 keg for $140 + $50 deposit per keg).

Barrington Brewery_MM-7 Barrington Brewery_MM-8

In addition to the great beers they make on site they had plenty to offer on their menu. They offer a great selection of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches.

Barrington Brewery_MM-9

We started with Jackets ($6). I had never heard of Jackets before but the best way to describe them is soft Potato Skins. They are large Idaho baked potato wedges served with butter & sour cream. Then you can select from the following toppings: grated cheddar, crumbled bacon, steamed broccoli, chili ($1 each).

We ordered our Jackets with the cheddar and steamed broccoli. Such a good combo! Plus it came with the butter, which we skipped, and the sour cream. The potato wedges are soft but hold up well to the toppings.

Barrington Brewery_MM-10

I ordered the Brewer’s Pocket ($9.75). The pita bread sandwich is packed full of spinach, smoked turkey, bacon, sprouts, onion, house-made blue cheese dressing, melted Swiss.

The pita is packed full! Once I cut it in half I was able to enjoy the flavorful sandwich. The combination of the turkey, cheese, veggies, and dressing make it a real winner. This sandwich is still on my mind because of the combination of textures and how the flavors were so intense.

Barrington Brewery_MM-11

I found the pita a bit hard to eat because the cheese was on the outside. But I totally understood the construction of the sandwich as it was melted on it and it would have been weird for the cheese to be inside as the rest of the ingredients would have gotten too hot and weird… umm sprouts… no! Once I got over the messiness and the grabbed an extra napkin I dove in.

I ordered the cole slaw as my side and that was really good as well. The veggies were crisp and crunchy holding up nicely to the flavorful dressing.

Barrington Brewery_MM-12

Price enjoyed the very much loaded Steak & Stout sandwich ($12.50) The open faced sandwich started with a slice of garlic bread which was loaded high with sliced sirloin, sauteed onions, mushrooms, and gravy. Both the marinade and the gravy contain stout the brew on site.

Price though the steak was seasoned well and and cooked nicely. He really liked how everything was really flavorful from the garlic bread to the gravy. As well it didn’t hurt that it was a hearty portion that left him stuffed!

Barrington Brewery_MM-13

He also really liked the salad that was served with it as it had their house made blue cheese dressing. The majority of their dressings are made in house and, of course, feature beer!

We really wanted to try their signature Chocolate Stout Cake. It was featured in Bon Appetit’s 50th anniversary issue. It looked divine but we were stuffed!!

We really enjoyed our lunch and look forward to when we go back as we further plan wedding things!

Barrington Brewery_MM-14 Barrington Brewery_MM-15

The bathrooms are teeny tiny but were clean. There were no changing tables in there so we changed Autumn in the back seat of the car. I’m not saying there should be changing table there, only noting it. While it was a brewery there were a lot of families there- so it’s not like we are ‘those people’ bringing a baby into a bar.

There is plenty of parking in the complex so be sure to swing by when you are in the area for a great beer, meal, and some shopping.

Barrington Brewery & Restaurant

420 Stockbridge Road

Great Barrington, MA 01230





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