Life with a Baby: Baby Favorites @ 6 months

Oh boy, another month has sped on by!

This past month has been so much fun. We’ve watched Autumn take some big changes in what she likes and can do. She is a champ when it comes to eating the Baby Led Weaning way. Yum steak! And she is 90% with sitting up. She does really well for a while and then just will flop on over. ha! She has been doing well with her swimming class as she gets to enjoy ‘swimming’ after the rubber ducks in the pool. So much fun to see her in action!

I’m looking forward to the busy month ahead but until then check out our current 6 months favorite things!

Baby Favorites @ 6 months

Carlson Labs Carlson Laboratories Super Daily D3 for Baby 400IU Supplement, 10.6 ml, 0.36 Fluid Ounce

Carlson Labs Super Daily D3 for Baby

Okay so these are more a favorite of mine because Autumn doesn’t know she gets them. But that is what I like so much about them. When we were first directed to get Autumn a extra special daily dose of Vitamin D, we just grabbed the cherry flavored dropper topped bottle. But then I started to wonder why my newborn was getting artificial flavoring and artificial coloring… so I did some homework and found these.

The drops take their sweet time coming out of the bottle but that’s the thing, you only need a drop. A bottle should last about a year which is soooo much longer than the cherry flavored goop we first grabbed. I think we calculated we would need like 8 bottles of that for the year, which would basically work to be 8x the cost too!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This jumper thing is the best thing going on in our house right now. Autumn is finally big enough for it so she has been having a blast bouncing around in it and smacking the daylights out of the stuff within reach. She genuinely loves this thing as she can bounce around in it and smash all around at the things. And of course, the music! Price can now whistle the whole ditty as we’ve heard it over and over and over again. Sure, we could turn the music off but she loves it and seeing her smile is just the best.

WubbaNub Giraffe

WubbaNub Giraffe

I can’t even remember how the conversation started (what else is new?!?) but my coworker was telling me how she gave a WubaNub as a gift and how it was such a hit because of 1) it’s cuteness 2) how the baby can easily grab it to retrieve it and insert the pacifier part back into its mouth hole to stop the mouth hole’s high pitched noises 3) easier to find/not lose. Sure, it’s sure cute but what sold me what the not loosing part. I think we’ve owned 15 pacifiers these past 6 months, I know of 6 & I swear the dog did not destroy the other 9. Aside from the general saving them from the abis properties, I’ve become a major fan in how it’s SO much easier to find in her crib in the middle of the night since it’s the pacifier is the magical thing that generally stops the mouth hole noises.

Swim Diapers


We have Autumn in swim class at a local university because we want her to be comfortable and safe in the water. Proper understanding of how to act in and around water is very important to us so we wanted to start her young. These swim diapers are great since she is so small for her age we can’t actually use those disposable swim diapers as they start at Size 3 and Autumn is still Size 1! They work for babies 9-15 pounds which is great because the disposable ones start at 16 lbs. Just because she is small doesn’t mean she shouldn’t enjoy getting to splash around in the pool with us! Besides the size of them, we really like that they are not disposable, making them more environmentally friendly.


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I’ll do a favorites post every month/stage as Autumn grows, changes, and develops.

What are some of your favorite things for 6 month olds?


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