Wine and Dine Me: Chefs in Shorts 2014

 Chefs in Shorts_2014-9

Chefs in Shorts is a great charity based event that brings together local Boston chefs with beer, wine, and liquor companies to create night out that is as equally fun as it is satisfying.

Last month’s Chef’s in Shorts event marked the 17th year of this grill off. It brought over 40 area chefs together for a great night to help out a well deserving nonprofit. The money raised goes towards the organization called Future Chefs, which helps urban teens train and focus their skills in the kitchen to help them get jobs and become successful with restaurant careers.

We had a blast last year, so when I was invited again this year I couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

Here’s a little recap of all the fun things we saw and tried. Enjoy!

Chefs in Shorts_2014-3 Chefs in Shorts_2014-4

Two kinds of grilled chicken served with a fagrant seasoned vegetable rice from Mela created by Chef Jatinder Singh.

Chefs in Shorts_2014-2

Chefs in Shorts_2014-5 Chefs in Shorts_2014-6

Oh Chef Mark J Pocaro (Top of the Hub), these tacos where killer. The fish was fresh and flaky and the slaw on top had such great flavor and texture.

Chefs in Shorts_2014-7

They even offered different sauces to drizzle over the slaw. I tried the verde one that was made with tomatillos. The sauce had great heat without being too hot. Could have easily eaten 4 of these tacos, but I guess I had to share with others…

Chefs in Shorts_2014-8

This fresh chilled gazpacho and grilled shrimp from Prezza (Chef Anthony Caturano) was a great a sip and bite. The gazpacho was slightly smokey and the shrimp was tender with a nice char.

Chefs in Shorts_2014-10 Chefs in Shorts_2014-11

Yep.  Massive whole fish and pork tenderloins on the grill. NBD.

Chefs in Shorts_2014-15

Be sure to use your drink tickets up so you can try various bevies. I enjoyed some wine and a killer rum based daquairi.

Chefs in Shorts_2014-12 Chefs in Shorts_2014-13

Such a cute way to present S’mores!

Chefs in Shorts_2014-17

Chefs in Shorts_2014-18 Chefs in Shorts_2014-16

Little plates of yummy-ness from LTK (Chef Shane Queiros) and SkyBoKX 109 GastroSports (Chef Noah Gagnon)

Chefs in Shorts_2014-14

It was such a fun time to try the different samples of food and drinks (beer, wine, and cocktails). We enjoyed the view and the beautiful weather.

I highly suggest attending Chefs in Shorts as you will enjoy helping out a great nonprofit organization, Future Chefs, while trying our dishes from over 40 great local chefs.

 Chefs in Shorts_2014-19

PS- Do not bring your super cute (and well behaved) baby with you. You’ll get kicked out by the hosting Seaport Hotel because it’s a 21+ event. I didn’t think a stroller bound 6 month old would be an issue but I was wrong. Lesson learned.


While I was invited to attend this event, all opinions are my own.


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