Dear Autumn @ 11 months

Autumn_11 months-6

October 2014

Dear Autumn-

Just last week you knocked our socks off by saying ‘yum’ when Dad offered you a piece of apple and then you stood all by yourself for a split second. It was such a mind blowing night. The enthusiastic ‘yum’ was just adorable but you really shocked us when you randomly let go of your grip on Dad. There was a lot of us going “did you just see that? She stood right? I can’t believe it. It was for a split second! She stood right?!?” So much fun.

You are super happy but super clingy now. Some days I don’t think I will get anything done as you are always crawling after me, climbing up me, or just being held. I’m reminding myself how these days are fleeting and to just relax and accept the slower pace of doing laundry, cleaning, or making dinner. It’s all worth it.

Understandably, you were really clingy during a recent cold. In fact you ended up with your first ear infection. So minor that you didn’t need any medication but still sad when we saw you pulling on your ears.

Our tiny Chicken is just as fast as can be. You crawl so fast that we need to be extra careful with closing and securing the baby gates. I stood right behind you as I let you crawl up the stairs and you made it up 3 steps with ease. Trouble! I know that once you are walking you will be record fast as you have such fine motor skills.

We visited Raleigh this past month to see if we could see ourselves living there. It was fun to imagine you running around some of the yards we saw. Oh man, I want us to have space for you to run & play. You did a great job on the flight down but we’re royally annoyed that you had to stay on our laps during the flight back. Such a rough flight! Let’s just hope you do better on our upcoming trip to Miami this weekend. You gotta see the world babe!

The way you laugh when you try to throw your cup full of water out of the tub is the best, even if the mess isnt. You sweet face looking up at us while you take a bottle is the best. And you puffy little cheeks and delicate lips set in stone while you sleep on me is the best.

We love you tons!



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