Dear Autumn @ 13 months

Dear Autumn at 13 Months-1

December 2014

Dear Autumn,

Oh, my cutie little vampire. I just love your toothy smile. It melts my heart.

You are growing up so quickly right before our very eyes. We still get so amazed with how quickly you pick up on something new. You are trying to talk more and more. You answer ‘yeah’ to most things. It’s ‘yeah, yeah yeah’ all day long. Unless you don’t want something because you most definitely let us know with some vigorous head shaking. It’s cute but won’t you please eat your dinner! Please!! At least you try to say ‘gracias’ when you get something. You politely say ‘gras-as’ and it’s incredibility cute.

You’re still so tiny, so you have to go to the nutritionist to get things checked out next month but we aren’t worried as you are a great eater. You are just tiny and active. You just burn off all that cheese you eat!

The newest thing that you are trying is standing up on your own. You only attempt it when on the sofa so that it’s a soft fall. Sometimes you fall forward and bounce your face on the cushion and crack up. And when you fall back on your bum you quickly pull yourself back up to try again. Over and over again you try. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon enough and be brave enough to take on the challenge on the harder floor.

Some of my favorite times with you is when you just get out of the bathtub. You love to be dried off with the blow drier so I use that on you. But the best part is that you cuddle up on my lap and lean on me as are getting dried off. I love how you relax against me after a busy bath of splashing around.

Similarly, I love when I hold you before bed in the glider and take in your sweet baby shampoo smell. I savor that time as I get to gently sneak in kisses all over your head and forehead as you cuddle with your owl.

In just a few days we get to celebrate your second Christmas. You’re first Christmas was a blurr when you were just 6 weeks old. Now you will really get to enjoy it as we have some great presents for you to open. It will be so much fun to watch you rip into the wrapping paper. I just can’t wait!!

Every day is new with you. I can’t wait for each new day and new thing you learn and do.

I love you.



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2 thoughts on “Dear Autumn @ 13 months

  1. mom says:

    I am at work working the late shift missing u guys so much. Thank u for posting autumn pictures she has grown so much since I’ve held her the night she was born
    she is a gift and she has 2 parents that love her so much
    merry christmaa I love u all


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